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History WW-2

February 4 2009 at 10:44 AM

Dominick R. Perruso  (Login donk-1)
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Response to This is why it is so important

Bob you are correct about our schools lacking history WW-2 I recieved letters on Veterans day from Wind Gap Middle school which my grand son is a student my daughter called and asked if ut would be okay to give them my name ,this was okay with me.Now I received these letters which I must say were great nowI wanted to thank them for honoring and remembering veterans.but for me to write a response was difficult If I had Sea Bat here to compose it for me it would be great so I did the next best thing I contacted the school and made a date to address the class. I gave the teacher my card with the LST -325 picture and she asked what that was all about I proceeded to tell her about our return trip with the old Gal she is the history teacher and history buff at that the class came into yhe room she introduced me an I thanked them for the letters she had asked me what I was going to talk about I told her it would be obout armistice and veterns day I concluded by thanking them again then the taecher asked me to tell the class about LST-325 I said teacher I did not come prepared to talk about the old Gal meaning I did not have my tapes or photo"s scrap book( I am always ready to talk bout the old Gal my wife said I do not know when to stop. ) while telling our story I noticed very intresting students then the teacher asked if there were any questions and did I ever get questions i told teacher this is great but she would need to stand close to me as my hearing is very poor and this all went well one male student started on LCVP'S and when and where they were manufactored all in all it was was a great day with these young students. I noticed young male come into the room and he did come over and introduce himself to me he was the principal he said he was very impressed with story of th LST-325 he said I was the first WW-2 veteran to come to thier school. Rt the conlusion I again thanked them and the teacher said Tyler would you walk your granfather out to his car as we proceed down the hall he said pop-pop that was great I did not know about all of that I told Son we will sit down and I will fill you in on a lot more . I feel it is is great to get with our younger people they arefuture genaration.
Dominick.R. Perruso ( Gold Crew)

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