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February 15 2009 at 10:36 AM

Dominick R. Perruso  (Login donk-1)
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Response to The LST-325 Gibraltar History

Pat just one more item about Gibralter i believe it was the second day in port the Governor of Gibralter came aboard ship we gave him full honor's with side boys and Boats piped him aboard. we were allin uniform and lined up and he and his family came up to each one of us and asked our name where we were from and also about our familyand he took his time he was a down to earth person I my self and I am sure the rest of crew valued this very much. I remember our 2003 river trip and our stop at Mud Island the Mayor O Memphis TN. was to come aboard to welcome us to his city , well to my knowlwdge he or any one from his city came aboard ( if I am wrong wold some one correct me? )Joe Milalovih and Corbin Foukes myself hung out together until Joe left in Evansville his wife was ill. then it was Corbin and I well when we were in Paducah KY. we went ashore on e night for ice cream which we were told was out of this world, it was well we sat on shore it was sort of stone steps leading up from the old gal where we were tied up ther were people rhat were there for hours on end we wondered if they were going to ever go home. Corbin and I were approaached by some residece of Paducah and then we found that we wetre talking to some people from city hall. the following day thier Mayor was to honor the old gal and crew I related the incident from Memphis. Thier Mayor did show and gave very great welcoming address honoring the old gal and crew. The Skipper recieved the the Duke of Paducah award. before we sailed the ice cream sore sent ice cream to load up our freezer.But all in all that 2003 River trip was great. Dominick R. Perruso

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