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Capt. Carl Black

February 19 2009 at 12:07 PM

Dominick R. Perruso  (Login donk-1)
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Response to Captain Bob

Carl: great hearing from you and getting your input No one aboard the old gal knew who you were or where you came from I am sure it did not btake us long to find out what your capability to get some thing done I recall how you worked with customs, the Coast guard and and other branches. to move us along there was no time lost and you have been with us all the way and the other person I need to mention is Capt. Hal Pierce. there was a great deal of worrk done in Mobile while at Hooks Terminal as is being done in Evansville. It is all hard work I remember when we entering Mobile The Skipper told me Perruso secure all the heads and no water over board wow what a tall order that was imagine us old guys that had a problem well we did over come that( I will not mention how) well the Skipper turned me over to to engineering officer from Coast guard and wanted to inspect our plumbing I just looked at the Skipper and went down below to show him around then he wanted to know where our sewege disposal system was I looked at him and resonded Son this ship is Vintage when we served on them you discharged over board and that is what we did aon trip homeno more was said and we did get to dock in mobile but then we had porta potties available. We had a dispoasal system donated to us and skipper transported it ti Mobile it was put down below and sat on tank deck near laundry well when ever I would check chat line and there was sots of tank deck I would notice that Sewage plant had not move from the place where it was in I then contacted Carbin fowkes, Jim McAndre and we went to Mobile and spent th month of March setting up and conecting sewage system plus a great deal of soil lines were replaced. Yes Carl you are correct it takes aa lot workand dedication thats what it is all about whith out that the old gal would not be in as good ofg condition as she is now. By the way Carl you have been rather quite ? did you by chance get married? Dominick R. Perruso

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