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Re: Thanks for the stories

February 21 2009 at 12:38 AM
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Response to Thanks for the stories

Well, Jo, now for the rest of the story since you asked. This particular shore patrol duty was in Sasebo, Japan in 1962. I was assigned to a base SP who, if I remember right, stood about 7' tall and probably weighed more than 500 lbs. (Remember, I was only 5'3" so anyone over 5'5" appeared to be a giant to me!) Anyway, after about 3 hours we paused in our patrol of a bar lined street for a little while and I became bored so I took out my handcuffs and began playing with them. I thought it was pretty neat how they worked, and remembered seeing tv cops "slap" then on a perps wrists. So I proceeded to do the same to myself. I must have been brain dead at that moment because soon I realized that my keys for the cuffs were in a special pouch attached to the back part of my web belt and I couldn't reach them while cuffed. I asked the 1st class bosun' mate I was assigned with to get my keys, and I'll never forget the look he gave me nor what he said, "You dumb little s--t. What the #@*& were you thinking? Do you have s--t for brains?" There was more but you wouldn't want to hear it. He told me to just stay put and let the world see how stupid a "cannon cocker" (gunners mate) really is.
So there I am, standing on a corner in Japan with what appears to be a retarded gorilla, and me unable to hide the cuffs from view. I felt humiliated to say the least. My "partner" finally released me after about 10 minutes and told me to walk about 5 paces behind him the rest of my watch and to not say a word to him, ever! When my watch ended (6 hrs.) and we were back at the SP station on base, he told me he thought he had "seen it all," and this was going to be told in every port he would ever visit from then on. Before I left the SP station, headed back to my ship, he slapped me on the back and we had a good laugh. To this day, whenever my wife gets out her handcuffs, I have flashbacks to the incident in Sasebo, Japan. But that's another story.

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