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We all go through it

February 22 2009 at 10:35 AM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
Forum Member

Response to Just Wondering

I may have posted this before but it shows what most new sailors have to go through until they get their sea legs.

Rookie sailor

When I was a sailor just starting out to sea
With all my training fresh behind me

I was ready for duty when I reported aboard
With my uniform spotless, no detail ignored.

I gave them my orders; they took me below,
They assigned me a rack and told me where to go

for GQ and muster, the chow line and more
Sick bay, mail call, a haircut, the ships store

Was it starboard for upward, port for below?
I always had trouble figuring which way to go.

My first assignment was deck force for sure
Where I had many lessons and hardships to endure

Im not saying Boats was just being mean
When he sent me below to draw up a bucket of steam

Or to the rope locker to draw six fathoms of shore line
And left-handed marlins spike, and to get back in time

For a glimpse of a sea bat they have just caught
Under a bucket on the fantail and you just ought

To bend over and look, but dont let it out
Then a broom hits your tail, but there is no time to pout,

Its your turn to stand watch, report to the bow
To watch for the mail buoy, it should be along about now.

Being a deck ape, glorious it aint
Tomorrow they tell me I will learn how to chip paint

And polish the brass, sweep decks till I ache
And do all those things to keep her shipshape.

I had best know my knots in case the Chief asks
Or he will certainly assign me an even harder task.

Dead tired and wanting to fall right to sleep
I climb in my rack, is this what they call a short sheet?

I just drift off to sleep, but something is out of order,
Someone just put my hand in a pail of warm water.

Soon I moved to the Gun Gang, a cannon cocker for sure
But when I thought I had done it all, there was more to endure.

The FT said his radar was broke,
He needed a favor, would I be a good bloke

And lay to the ET shop, fetch two fallopian tubes and then
get some relative bearing grease, and get back here again.

All this I have done. Its called paying your due.
But soon I was accepted as part of the crew.

I now wear the crow; I just received two new men
Let all the shenanigans start over again.

Bob Pointer /
hlp 09

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