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Good thoughts Rocky !!

March 6 2009 at 10:32 PM

MissPatty  (Login PatInSpace)
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Response to My side of the story...

You said it well and I know from working with you guys that you all work like a team, but there can only be ONE Captain and like you've said, he's more than earned our respect.

We can't let him down by being slandered so disrespectfully and I hope many others will post here to show our support.

Besides being welcomed so warmly to volunteer in Mobile or wherever the ship's been in a port, the other thing that has always impressed me is the STRONG commitment and LEADERSHIP of the core organization and their willingness to listen to suggestions and try their best to prioritize what needs to be done and then MAKE SURE that happens with everyone's help!

All of us "youngsters" have been inspired by your COMMITMENT and the way you have smiled and encouraged everyone through difficult situations that taught us a lot more than we figured on! I have seen first hand the way you guys did anything you were asked to do and also go the extra miles to make sure those long lines of tours got through & that's no small undertaking considering the amazing numbers of folks who've been waiting for you!

I've never heard a single person ever complain that they weren't recognized properly for being a volunteer with the 325 - this is a foreign concept and seems psychologically twisted to me!

If ANYONE leaves that ship after a day of volunteering thinking they aren't appreciated then they are ASKING for something that doesn't reflect what you guys brought the ship back for . . . if you don't have your heart into it then you shouldn't volunteer because the project is bigger than all of us and a small faction of discontented people should not be allowed to disrupt a good thing!

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