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How to catch a gator

April 5 2009 at 10:54 AM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
Forum Member

When most people think of gator hunting, they think of swamp boats, spotlights and mosquitos.
There is a much simpler and more reliable way to catch a real gator.
Take a large cardboard box and turn it upside down on the fantail.
Prop up one end with a stick. Tie a string to the stick and go hide behind the stern anchor winch with the other end.
Put some SeaBat cookies under the box and wait.
You won't have to wait long. SeaBat cookies have been known to attract gators from far away.
When you catch one of the slippery critters, lock 'em in the ward room.
If we catch enough of them before work week, we may be able to get some SeaBat cookies of our own before they mysteriously dissappear so fast.


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