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Fore and Aft... Port to Starboard

June 16 2009 at 6:06 PM

LST 325  (Login SeaBat)
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To All -

Just so you know -- A convoy of over 100 Army Vehicles are ever so slowly crossing the United States on the Lincoln Highway. (Route 30)
This endeavor is to re-create the 1918 Transcontinental Motor Convoy - Washington D.C. -to- Oakland, California
Who but OUR Radio Guy -Perry Ballenger in his 1945? / LST 325 / Haze Gray / Navy Jeep is in that convoy - see the chat page tomorrow!

At 1400 tomorrow (Tuesday) Fox 7 will be on the ship making a promo commercial for the Evansville High schools WW II Play South Pacific;
Stop by the ship if you're close by and give their cast a tour. Larry and Dallas are on line with Glen tomorrow.

Even though we have not had any pre planned groups, Visitors to the ship have been steady keeping everyone busy.

Thursday is the turn around - be at the ship by 10 am and if you're bringing a friend, call Angie so we have a head count.
Hopefully we will be tied back up by 2 o'clock and some people may come to take a tour.

With the Freedom Fest going on - there should be more visitors, so let us know at the office if you can come in.

The week following Freedom fest is very busy with YMCA Day Camps and a Hog Rally.

No news on the LST office Bldg -

As you were...

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