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I am glad you posted, Rocky...

August 15 2009 at 2:28 PM

SeaBat  (Login SeaBat)
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Response to Has everyone

my father was in the Pacific too.. the Amphibs in the Pacific had a horrific war.. island to island, little by little. The war in Europe and the war in the Pacific were very different, yet the same in many respects. Thousands of lives cut short, thousands upon thousands of lives changed forever by their experiences. Bravery, sacrifice, patriotism, boys to men overnight.

Had the President not given the order to drop the bomb, which led to Japan's surrender, very likely I would not be here today... and a great many of my peers would not be either, as our Dad's would have been in on the invasion of Japan and the LST's would have been primary targets because of what they carried.

Thanks to all of you for your service... and to Rocky and others who served in the Pacific... "Happy VJ Day" with a hug from your old buddy the SeaBat.

(I wouldn't mind hearing about where you were that day.. Dad was at Ulithi doing overhaul work, my mother was then a telephone operator and said the switchboard lit up like a Christmas Tree! Dad never said much, but I know his shipmates have told me all they thought about was how soon they'd get to go home. They all have mentioned the ship's bells and whistles and horns blasting and the hugs and pats on the back of a lot of the military men, but then it was right back to work. They know it wouldn't be that simple.)

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