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It rained and I could not get out to play, so I wrote.

September 27 2009 at 4:21 PM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
Forum Member

History lives on

Shes resting now, Decommissioned they call it
Her fighting days have past
Shes nothing but an empty shell
Her guns have fired their last

Her engines will no longer roar
To charge into the fight
She now sits in a harbor, moored
With others in her plight

If you listen, you may hear the sounds of sailors from days gone by
Their spirits walk the decks at night; in the winds you hear their cry
Their lives ended before the battle was won
Yet their spirits still keep fighting on.

She used to hope one day, some how
She would be called again to fight
Knowing thats not likely now
She sits quietly in the still of night.

All these modern ships and men
Fight a different war, you see
They have no use for this old ship
That once proudly ruled the sea.

But then one day a group of brave men came to walk her deck
In their eyes they saw her differently, more than just a wreck.
She could still fight, they thought, and have significance,
The battle she could win today is against indifference.

Too soon we forget what men were fighting for
And the reasons that our fathers went to war.
Too busy tending to our daily tasks,
It seemed the old stories would never last.

With a year of hard work and arduous toil
And a donated load of diesel oil
Against all odds they brought her home
For this new generation, her decks to roam.

Sometimes old men and ladies too,
Will visit and tell a tale or two.
And people now can finally see
How they lived and worked, these men who went to sea.

One thousand fifty one were built to answer freedoms call
The last of her class that can get underway, came home to see us all.
Thanks to all who support LST 325
A bit of history will remain alive.

Bob Pointer

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