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October 19 2009 at 12:20 AM

From Kenny Adams  (Login SeaBat)
Forum Member

325 Ex-Manifold

Here are 2 pictures of the leaky exhaust manifold, as the snipes were taking it off; these pictures were taken yesterday. In talking with Rocky, Ad, and others here at the ship - the old Manifold can be used as an outdoor end table, mail box support post, flower box ornament, or numerous other things around the house. It is 300 to 400 lbs.

We want to sell it on the chat, first offering it to 325 Memorial Members then on to e-bay.

Hence: this is one of only 4 remaining EMD originals, water cooled
Manifolds, present and operational on LST 325 during the Normandy Invasion
on D-Day June 6 1944; having a 99.9% certainty of it being original ship's

This Manifold will forever be gone to the highest bid. If you wish to own a
piece of history that has a story to tell, "I was at Normandy on D-Day", now is the time!

Removal and paper documentation of this Manifold was witnessed by LST 325 Crew
Members Wally Larsen, Nick Jochim, Jim Scott, Eddie Scott, Ray Cashen, and
Mark Hammond. These Crew members will witness by casting description on the

Note to Bidder: A new manufactured Manifold will cost the 325 Memorial several thousand dollars.

Did you know - almost all the Berlin wall was sold -

Post your bids here or call Kenny Adams.

[linked image]

[linked image]

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