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ME ???

December 24 2009 at 12:07 PM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
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Response to You know Steve

Me? Back out of a challenge??
No way!
I was just being considerate.
What if I took on the job and finished it before the crew arrived for Spring work week?
There would be a lot of dissappointed crewmates with nothing to do.
Besides, we also must consider the needle guns.
The Marines were pretty hard on them this summer.
When they start a job they really work hard at it.
Like any fine tool, these needle guns need proper care.
They must be given a periodic rest period of a few months so that the molicules in the hardened steel can re-allign themselves back to the original state of maximum structural integrity. Resting them in cool weather speeds the process. We must be careful not to disturb them during this process. I read that on the Internet at under the section about proper tool care and maintenance.
Besides the compressor needs a rest too. It has been compressing all summer and needs time to uncompress itself.

Besides, I have found other ways to look busy so that someone will not put me to work doing actual physical labor. (Kind of like the Beetle Bailey of the Navy).
I went to the radio room and took one of those large radio receivers out of its rack. I turned it upside down so that all the little parts could be seen. There sure are a lot of them. I found one of Perry's volt meters. When a tour comes by I start touching some of the little parts with the meter. You should hear the ooos and ahhhhs from the people. I am sure they think deck apes are really smart.
Did I mention Do Not touch the red wire with your bare fingers?
It makes the Fourth of July fireworks go off in your head and you tend to dance around a bit.
You also may say things you normally would not if your fingers are still smoking.
I guess I should put them back together and find something more constructive to do but I don't remember where some of the little parts go. These radios are mostly for display purposes anyway aren't they Perry?

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