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Not so here...

July 6 2010 at 1:25 PM

Bob Pointer  (Login FTG2)
Forum Member

That was great SeaBat.
I wish I could say the same.
Likewise it was a very hot day in Evansville also.
Anything done outside had to be interrupted by a brief stay in front of a fan and some iced tea.
I have a few red neck neighbors that absolutely love to celebrate the 4th.
I think they purchase fireworks weeks in advance.
Toward evening, about 1800 hrs it started. The first onslaught of noise.
Since it was not yet dark, the firecrackers and bottle rockets began the celebration.
I was a bit concerned when I saw some very young neighborhood kids playing with fireworks with no adults around. They were putting bottle rockets in a bottle and aiming them at each other.
Having worked many a fourth of July evenings in a local emergency room, I have seen first hand what can happen with fireworks. There is a small wooded area across from my home and with the recent heat it is pretty dry, just waiting for a spark or flame to set it ablaze.
As darkness came upon us, the Ariel fireworks began in earnest.
By now my small dogs were either barking at every explosion or hiding under the bed from fright.
The celebration continued until I managed to fall asleep about 2am.
This morning I surveyed the yard and roof. I got a trash bag and cleaned up all the spent fireworks that had fallen into my yard and on the roof. I was sad to see the streets were littered with spent fireworks left for the street sweeper or someone else to clean up.
Isn't it amazing how much more fun it was when we were young making all the noise and mess ourselves?

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