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This cruise just gets better and better.... the Grey Lady is loving it!

September 13 2010 at 7:22 PM

Photos courtesy of Chip Lanham and Ken Frank  (Login SeaBat)
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From Ken Frank -
Early Morning in Wheeling
[linked image]

LST Fans on the Ohio River
[linked image]

On the Ohio River to Wheeling
[linked image]

Fred watching the river go by
[linked image]

From Chip Lanham-
[linked image]
The river seems quiet after all of the Sternwheelers pulled out, but the riverbank wasn't! More visitors today in great numbers!

[linked image]
Irwin... you're supposed to give tours to the tourists... not Dusty!!! wink.gif

[linked image]
As tired as the crew is from all of the hard work, they need time to relax too!

[linked image]
Another beautiful sunrise on the Ohio... Wondering what this new day has in store

[linked image]
For the SeaBat, it was a rare treat! Earl, a shipmate of her Dad's toured the ship and was given a wonderful welcome - even if she was back home and at work. Many thanks to those of you who showed Earl a wonderful welcome home! I am forever indebted to you.

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