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Work day

April 19 2011 at 7:31 PM

BP  (Login FTG2)
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Noon: Lunch in the Ward Room
12:30 Continue Ship's work. Job required-Drill a half inch hole in a cabinet. I think a deck ape like myself can handle this one.
12:40 measure and mark spot for hole. Head to shop to get drill and half inch drill bit. Found several bits but all have large shafts that won't fit hand drill. Can't take drill press to job site...must improvise. Got great idea to use metal lathe to turn down neck of drill bit to fit 3/8 inch chuck....Phooey, lathe out of order.
13:00 Coffee found a necked down bit in the tool room. Thanked Coffee, Grabbed Craftsman drill and headed to job site.
13:15 Just started to drill hole when battery went dead in drill. Back to tool room. No charger for Craftsman drill.
13:30 Found another drill that plugs battery problems now.
13:45 Drill bit bent. Wobbles all over the place. Back to tool room. Found another bit.
14:00 Drill chuck keeps coming loose and bit slips. Finally gave up and went in search of drill #3.
14:35 Found another drill on tank deck behind pant buckets. (lots of paint on it)
14:45 Drill works fine, drill bit dull. No way this one is going to make a hole unless I need to drill a hole in candle wax.
15:00 In search of drill bit......found one that will work on a table in the tank deck. Not the right size but will make it work.
15:20 Back to job site. Finally drilled hole in cabinet.
15:40 Cleaned up job site, returned drill and drill bit to tool room.
15:45 Tried to look up information on Internet in Radio Room. No connection (as usual) gave up.
16:00 Celebrated job well done with big glass of cold water.

Tomorrow, a shelf bracket....

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