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Jim, I saw that on CNN also

December 29 2011 at 2:41 AM

Chris  (Login Cornfield1)
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Response to Re: Thanks for the kind words, Bob (I think)

It's taken me 3 days to respond because it is a bit embarassing and I wanted to hear BP's (Bob Pointer) side of the story. As usual, I did a double watch on Christmas Eve 0000 to 0800 Christmas morning. Well, BP brought dinner and eggnog and kept me company. After too much eggnog, BP decided to strip and clean the aft twin 40s. It was about 0345 Christmas morning when Bob got the 40s back together. Unfortunately he forgot about the new SSR electronic interface which is utilized for the IFF system. For you folks who are not familiary with these terms, SSR stands for Secondary Radar System and IFF stands for Identification Friend or Foe. Basically this system sends an electronic encoded signal to the potential target and if that target doesn't have the predetermined friendly code sent back immediately, that target gets destroyed. That's how you determine friend from foe in this fast paced warfare scenario on todays battlefield.

OK, so long story short. We're BETA testing the system prior to our sailing in international waters across the English Channel in June, 2014. Yes we have some bugs. Perry and BP have been working relentlessly rigging, er I mean interfacing, the system through our 1940s radios in the radio room. Santa's sleigh did have IFF active. Fortunately the aft gun director was inoperable because Wally and Jim Scott worked on it last week. So Santa popped some flares and was able to evade BPs' full auto fire with minimum damage.

Just another LST Christmas story! I appreciate your discretion. I wouldn't want this story to get out (for BPs sake).

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