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Gold Crew

January 17 2012 at 11:45 AM

Rocky  (Login SnipesRule465)
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Response to Chat line

Hey! Donk. I agree with you.We are not forgotten.Please do not stop posting.I have slowed up on my posting but I will continue when something of interest to me comes up. We both can tell a lot of sea srories which are true,like the one storm when we were in the Mediterraneon. I was on watch in the Main Engine room, the starboard engine was broke down and the old girl was rolling and pitching like crazy. I was walking around the Port engine looking for oil leaks etc. When the old girl pitched and caught me off balance and threw me part way into the bilges, catching my buns between two valves and skinning my left shin badly from knee to ankle and my left foot was down in the bilges. I finally forced my way out from between the two valves and went to the front of the Port engine and was checking the damage to my shin. when I felt terrific heat on my back. The ship had rolled so badly that the salt water cooling had come out of the water and sucked air which caused the engine to overheat. we were about to loose this engine. Whiting from topside saw from the exhaust that we were in truuble and immediatly came down and we induced fire line water into the engine and bled off the air from the pump which got the cooling operating again. Close call. Rocky

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