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Serving on the 325

June 21 2012 at 8:17 PM
John  (Login hattonj)
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Response to Thanks to everyone

I think this has been a good discussion, something we always need more of. As has been brought up many times, serving on the ship is both a privilege and a lot of hard dirty matter where you are. Its been said "the best things in life are free", but the rest of that should be, "but you will work darn hard to get them". Crewing the 325 has never been easy no matter where you work or what you do. We are up all hours, we do some pretty dirty work, and under-way I don't think anyone gets much sleep. And to think we all do this for free!

But, as anyone who has spent much time on the 325 knows, especially when we pull into port and greet our thousands of guests.....its all well worth the time and trouble. Where else in our modern world can you find such adventure. I mean some people actually PAY to do this stuff!

As for travel time, none of the three other places I volunteer gives travel time. An exception to that would be if you were on a "mission" such as picking up or delivering parts while doing that was part of your current work. I just never thought about travel time getting to and from the ship. Now, on your taxes I think you can get a deduction for mileage as you travel back and forth to the place you volunteer. I know my wife keeps close tabs on how many trips I make to Evansville. I think mileage credit now is over $ .50 per mile. It adds up!

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