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General Patton & LST Tank Painting

May 2 2016 at 8:30 AM
James Goodall  (Login Goody611)
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2 MAY 16 / 0711 Hrs
Last week end attended the CSA Dixie Wing special mission to honor WW II veterans at Peachtree GA airport. As General Patton got to meet some great WW II veterans and hear their stories. Did a good many photo Ops with veterans and family's attending this event. They had a good many high school kids that were assigned to ask question about WW II and make a report. That's a good thing, as far to many of today school kids don't know American history like back in our days. Was able to promote the LST-325 to folks attending this event. As to the LST-325 WW II full scale painting of a WW II Sherman tank. Its about 24% done, will head over to the ship this morning to do more work on the painting. Should go faster now that all the back ground construction, drawing is done and will be doing the painting part now. Hope to have this LST tank deck painting done in two weeks and ready for display. Take care. SARGE

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