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The 393

August 8 2016 at 12:03 AM
Anonymous  (Login hans471)

Response to 393

I spent some time at the 393 looking it over. In many ways the ship is very interesting as it has the original generators with Superior engines and its very clean and in good shape. The heads look good and you can see a lot of what our ship would have looked liked before it was used and abused for over fifty years. The 393 was taken out of service right after WW2 and sold. It spent the next twenty-seven years in the fresh water of the Great Lakes doing ferry service for new cars. The down side of all of that was they made many changes from the original military fittings. The bow doors no longer work. The interior has had major modifications, etc. But there is so much good to see on it.

I think its good to see the 393 as some parts are very original and in good shape, like the engine rooms and heads. On the deck its pretty bare and those 20mm guns will help the look. The guns on the 325 have changed over the years. Early LST gun layouts were modified during the years. In the 1950's the 325's guns were removed for a time. In the 1960's the guns were reinstalled in the more modern arrangement with the new gun controllers being installed.

The 393 would look better with some gun tubs installed but I don't know if they have the money to invest in such a major modification like that.

Enjoy your visit, Sarge.

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