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LST-393 Dummy 20mm MG's

August 9 2016 at 11:50 PM
James Goodall  (Login Goody611)
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Response to The 393

9 AUG 16/ 2217 Hrs
I just return from Muskegon, MI LST-393. Made contact with LST-393 staff, took a tour of the ship. They want two dummy 20mm MG's for the stern gun tubs, that use to be 40mm AA gun mount. I have agreed to construct the two dummy 20mm MG's for them just like we have on the LST-325 forward bow gun tubs. They also want me to help design 20mm MG gun tubs for the bow section, as they don't have any at all. If that works out, they want two more dummy 20mm MG's to place in those gun tubs. Show them photos of our tank deck Sherman Tank display, they are interested in that also. They have a great museum displays on their tank deck. However, it has been so cut up and changed during it's civilan service, it just don't look like a LST. We can very proud of the way LST-325 looks original as it was built and all the hard work done by our great crew to keep her that way. So that's where we stand on this LST-393 mission. Take care SARGE

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