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Pearl Harbor

December 7 2016 at 8:12 PM
James Goodall  (Login Goody611)
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7 DEC 16 / 1850 Hrs
It was 75 years today the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor, a war they started and in the end we won. It was the WW II greatest generation that won that war. The one thing I enjoy when High School students come on board the LST-325 for a tour. Is to bring history alive to them so they depart the ship knowing what the WW II generation did. To understand who build the LST-325, who served on her during WW II and its mission and the Gold Crew who saved her for history. It sad today our high school students don't for the most part don't know American history. So its up to us the LST-325 crew and tour guides to be sure they get that history when they come on board the ship. If they depart the LST-325 with a better understanding of our history and what the WW II greatest generation did, then we have done our duty and got the mission done. Take care. SARGE

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