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Jim, been wondering where you've been?

December 12 2016 at 2:28 AM

Chris  (Login Cornfield1)
Forum Member

Response to Re: Sarge, you look prettier onTV

Hope you are doing well. I've had it relatively easy on here lately. Seabat's been busy working the Ohio election stuff. And Shaft has been pretty quiet. Saw him in November, he rode with me in the Veterans Day Parade in my jeep. Seabat's a bit worried cuz Ohio State's gotta play IU in basketball on March 4th. Haven't seen Rocky on here for a while either. But too many times he sides with Seabat like you do so that's ok happy.gif. I've been practicing with our semaphore flags on the ship. Hope to have that mastered by June. Take care and keep your powder dry.

And Seabat, remember that the LST office is closed a lot in December so send those Seabat cookies to my home and I'll make they are distributed in an equitable fashion.

Love as Always,
Crafty Chris

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