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February 16 2017 at 11:02 AM

FTG2  (Login FTG2)
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The "to-do" list is getting attention during the winter hours. One of the radios in the radio room that did not work is now back online. I love working on this older equipment. They have parts you can actually see without a magnifying glass and you don't have to throw them away when they quit working. These older units teach you patience and caution. I always say that no one worries about getting shocked by 12 volts, but the high voltage in these older units will make you wet your pants if you touch something you should not have.
A big thank you for the donation of a piece of test gear that will help keep the equipment in good shape.
By the way, one of our radio receivers was built in 1940 and has serial number 2 on it. A very rare one indeed.
It is a great asset having a fully working radio room. Many museum ships have modern ham radio equipment aboard but seldom can brag about using the period equipment. Many of them only have non-working displays.


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