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Re: LST-393 D-day Mission

June 13 2017 at 1:42 AM
JLH  (Login hattonj)
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Response to LST-393 D-day Mission

I spent some time up with the 393 a year or so ago. I went through their ship and took a lot of detailed pictures of many areas including the heads. I use those photos to help envision what we should work towards. The most original head we have on the 325 is the Port midship head. Of course even it has had modifications done to it, some by the Greeks to make it more "European".

The 393 was built as an LST. She was bought not long after the war and moved to fresh water which saved her from a lot of deterioration. But that poor old gal hasn't run in 40 years. They say they could make her run again but I would bet next months pay that won't happen. She has been changed a lot in her own way. The bow doors and ramps don't work. The interior has been modified, especially the tank deck. The weather deck was changed a lot and much of the original machinery is gone and can't be replaced.

The folks up there are doing a great job at running a museum and the ship looks good, for what it is. I give them all the credit in the world for what they have done with that ship. But its not the 325. We just ran our engines Saturday for a test. We are ready to sail here in not too many days. They are tied up to the beach where they are staying.

They should come visit the 325. Let them get a big whiff of what fresh diesel fuel smells like. Maybe they can come one day when we fire up all the engines and hear what a living LST sounds like.

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