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BZ, Sarge

December 9 2017 at 4:13 AM

Chris  (Login Cornfield1)
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Response to School Kids and History

For years, when I'm walking off the ship as Sarge is walking on with a tour, I make the standard crack about "Don't tell a lotta lies Sarge!" His group always laughs and I can't really hear what Sarge is saying back but it sounds like something like go getta truck and hall yourself! Not sure what that means, but going forward.

When I am taking my tour on to the ship and Sarge and his tour is leaving, I usually ask his group how it went and always get a big hooorah and a lotta smiles. Then later on Sarge catches me in the ward room and I gotta listen to "Who's your daddy now?". So, I'm just mentioning this cuz there is plenty of trash talking outside of sports with Seabat and her Buckeyes.

But where I am really going with this is that we do take the opportunity to educate the folks. You look at your group and guess how much they know due to age. If there are a lot of kids, you figure they are not gonna know a lot about WWII but sometimes we are pleasantly surprised. And even a lot of the adults don't know more than the very basic facts. Let's face it, we are WWII nerds.

By the time I get to Sarge's Normandy display, it's easy to get dead silence as we talk about what happened on June 6th and the price paid. You can tell who knows that history and who doesn't by the look on their faces. And it is at this time that I talk about that day being the turning point in Europe and also the 3-day saga about Midway being the turning point in the Pacific, along with the Guadalcanal campaign. At this time I ask who has seen the movies "Longest Day" and "Midway"? Fortunately usually there are the few guys and some gals who have see them. I then suggest to the others that they get on Netflix and check them out.

Bottom line, if you didn't know the history when you came on, you do know it when you walk off. A big BZ to Sarge and all our tour guides!


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