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Anyone remember her?

April 10 2018 at 8:41 AM

BP  (Login FTG2)
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I am not sure which port but I think it was Pittsburgh. A woman came aboard for a tour wearing a plastic child's float toy (a blow up life preserver ring with a horse head on it) carrying a plastic paddle about two foot long. I think I remember she was wearing a one piece bathing suit with shorts on. She said she was afraid the ship would sink while she was on it.
Having dealt with a few people like her in the past (on the police department) I thought to myself "Oh boy, here comes trouble" She did OK for the first part of the tour but eventually started bugging other visitors. A crew member on the tour route tried to get her to quit acting out and she became even more of a problem. The Captain was notified and came to the area. He tried to ask her to leave the ship to no avail.
We had to notify the police to come and deal with her. When they arrived they called her by name (apparently very familiar with her). She complained very loudly that the Captain had molested her as they physically had to remove her from the ship.

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