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September 22 2005 at 7:20 AM
To Bruce Jensen  (no login)

Response to Thanks for your responses

>I can see the possibility that Bruce might've used steroids, following the reasoning you present.<

I think we can simply agree to disagree on this. In my view, what is important is to recognize that if Bruce was using steroids, he wasn't doing it with the knowledge that to do so presented a risk to his health and, secondly, that he still had to do the strenuous workouts. As an aside, while writing UM, I made the decision to cycle steroids myself in order to experience firsthand what Bruce had gone through. Under the care and guidance of my physician, I cycled steroids for six weeks. Everything that happened to Bruce - all the symptoms he suffered - roid rages, acne, sleeplessness, huge gains in strength and muscle, incredible desire to workout around the clock, digestive problems, the feeling that I could conquer the world, etc. - happened to me - everything but my demise. It was my own horrifying experience of steroids that convinced me that I needed to include this aspect of Bruce's life and death in my book - mainly to educate the thousands of young people who are using steroids today. I was further encouraged to move forward with the by Lyle Alzado's widow and several others who have paid a high price to steroids.

>I still think Brandon was built too much like his father (aside from being a few inches taller) to give his mother much credit for his physique.<

As I mentioned, Brandon did receive half of his genetics from his mother, so one cannot discount her. I would also add that Linda has an athletic physique. And, yes, I would know. What are your thoughts on Shannon? Does her build favor her mother or father?

>If Bruce did use steroids I don't think he got particularly outstanding results, at least as far as muscle size is concerned. From what I've seen in photos he looked as big, if not bigger, around the time he was filming "The Green Hornet" as he did in any of his later feature films.<

Size isn't what Bruce was after. Keep in mind that the body is more than 70 percent water. One cannot discount Bruce's overuse of diuretics. There are professional fighters who can lose 10 pounds of weight in a matter of hours when they are over the weight limit for a fight. Bodybuilders also do this. Following a contest it isn't unusual for them to be on the verge of collapse because of the lack of water in their body. What gave Bruce that "ripped look" was the fact that he blew off a tremendous amount of water - which would make him look smaller, but highly ripped. But the camera wouldn't pick up his decrease in body weight, yet at the same time would accentuate his muscles. Thanks for the back and forth. It's been a pleasure conversing with you.

All the best

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