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How Bruce Lee really died

January 22 2013 at 8:54 PM
hutchy1111  (Login hutchy1111)


Bruce Lee fans will always argue how and why Bruce Lee really died. Here is my 'SUMMARY'of what basically happened during his final months on this planet.

1. He was ‘big time’ strung out
2. Cortisone
3. He was a very sensitive man
4. He didn’t handle the perceived pressures of fame well
5. He may very well have had an eating disorder
6. His weight loss
7. His lack of body fat
8. He drank Saki while living in Hong Kong
9. He got drunk very easily
10. He was trying to live like Mr Hollywood
11. Raymond Chow was stealing from him
12. He had stopped training
13. He did eat Hash Brownies (although this in itself would not kill him)
14. It's fair to say that it wasn't going well between Bruce and Linda Lee
15. No one wanted to be caught with the most famous person in Hong Kong dead in their flat. Hong Kong Chinese are infamous for refusing to have involvement with anything that could cause them to lose face
16. Raymond Chow was helping promote a very unhealthy life for Bruce Lee (Betty Ting Pei). It is that way of living that directly caused Bruce Lee's death – see no. 1. Raymond Chow did not know that this would happen; his role was indirect. The same could be said of many people around Bruce Lee
17. All combined = Multifactorial cause of death

Most of these are from Davis Miller.

My own personal view: Bruce had clear visions of what he was capable of doing but in essence tried to take himself beyond the possibilities of what humans can actually do and that ultimately caused his body and mind to shut down.

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