Bruce Lee fight with Lau Tat-Chuen: Real or Myth?

January 31 2015 at 5:46 PM
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Here is a youtube video on the fight made by Marten Go.

In the video, the well-known teleconversation between Daniel Lee & Bruce Lee in 1972 mentioned about Lau's challenge but Bruce seemed to be the last one to know and he usually tried to ignore these challenges. Then, Tony Lau's interview states that Bruce, Lam Ching Ying and Tony met Lau Tat-Chuen in a restaurant one day. Lam told Lau Tat-Chuen to fight him first if he wanted to fight his master - Bruce. But Lau did not take up the challenge. While in the Tony To's (GH Publicity Manager) interview, Bruce did take up the challenge and beat Lau in just a couple of seconds in the first round. There were less than 20 people who witnessed the fight that took place at Inspector Dang's villa.

Though Daniel's teleconversation with Bruce and Tony Lau's interview did not mention about the fight, this does not mean the fight never take place (just like TBB, FOF, ETD challenges by extras did happen, Bruce was forced to kick their butts, witnessess were told to keep these challenges private until after Bruce's death, people started to talk about it). Recent HK forums and newspaper also have similar accounts on this challenge and the details are almost identical to Tony To's.

However, whether it is real or myth, most believe Bruce's JKD definitely was way superior over Lau Tat-Chuen's boxing and Cha-Kuen.

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