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May 21 2015 at 3:51 AM
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Yes Bruce did teach these great guys. What people don't realise was that Karate Tournaments back in the 1960's were mostly not full contact. Unless someone got carried away like Joe Lewis :-). Matches were marked/won on points by weather or not the judges believed that you would have hit your opponent with your punch or kick. A ref would try to stop both participants before they hit each other. People say that Bruce never partook in these tournament so they diminish his skill, but the truth of the matter is that there would have been no point for Bruce to partake in karate tounements because he would have got disqualified. Bruce was training for real world combat and not for point fighting. Only after Bruce helped Joe Lewis adapt his martial arts technique to incorporate boxing suddenly did kickboxing really take off in the early 70s. And this paved the way for Benny the Jet & Bill Superfoot Wallace etc ect. Bruce helped these Karate champions adapt and evolve their fighting styles which is what JKD was meant for. It was meant for seasoned martial artist who had a solid root foundation in whatever form of martial art they had, not as its portrayed today which is as a stand alone fighting art. What we have today is Dan Innsanto's version of JKD. Bruce taught these great guys and they learned greatly from him but he also learned greatly form them. The more time he spent with them, taught them and pushed them, the more they evolved and the more Bruce had to evolve and grow so it was a mutual teaching. As a side note, Bruce started to teach JKD to non martial artist purely because in the late 1960s Bruce was going through a somewhat hard time and he was trying to promote himself. So Bruce decided to try to teach his way to gain more income. Note how when he became super successful after FOF, he decided to close his schools.

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