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Green Bamboo Warrior's Origin

June 26 2015 at 6:04 AM
LJF  (Login LJF)

Response to Re: HK Stuntman Talks About Bruce Lee

Hi Nick, thanks for sharing the valuable info and Bruce's drawings.

In fact, Bruce's first drawing of the warrior might not be the Green Bamboo Warrior's image as this warrior seems to be from the Ming or other China's dynasties not from the turn-of-the-century as the Green Bamboo Warrior's story-line states. The Chinese image of that era should be either with a pigtail (Ching dynasty until 1911) or having Dr. Sun Yat-sen's short-hair cut (ROC, after 1911).

As for the leading actor carrying the green bamboo as his weapon, the origin should go as far back to Bruce's childhood days. Bruce love to read Kung Fu novels written by Louis Cha Leung Yung, a very famous HK novelist whose outstanding works consisted of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", "The Condor Heroes Return", "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre", "Duke of Mount Deer" etc. As a child, Bruce loved to play the characters of Western cowboy, Chinese swordsman, blind swordsman, Huang Fei Hong etc., usually the role of a hero, with his brothers and childhood friends like Unicorn Chan and Wu Ngan. In Louis Cha's novel, there is always a Beggar Sect. whose leader carries the Sect. symbol's weapon, i.e. Green Bamboo. Like the beggars in the Sect. the leader is always a very formidable and skillful martial arts practitioner, especially his palm and bamboo Kung Fu (so called "Beating The Bad Dogs Bamboo Kung Fu"). He leads the biggest and mightiest sect. in the central kingdom (traditional name of China). Other prestigious sects include Shaolin, Ermei and Wudang etc.
Here is a link to the Green Bamboo's images of Louis Cha's Novels:

According to Unicorn and Ngan, Bruce liked to carry a stick or green bamboo while playing with them during his childhood days. He usually would imitate the novel's hero to save those that need helps. So, in G.O.D., he finally got a chance to use the Green Bamboo weapon against Inosanto. He then wrote the Green Bamboo Warrior script, hoping to play the hero of the Chinese mining workers in San Francisco. The poor workers are like the Beggar Sect.'s brothers while Bruce would carry the Green Bamboo weapon which represents their leader, much like the leader of the Beggar Sect. Those poor exploited workers were like the poor beggars that live like underdogs, suffering in pains but all possessed dignity and self-esteem. They would be united by a leader that would lead them to fight against the exploiters.

Green Bamboo Warrior would be a great movie if Bruce were be able to live and play it. Though in Jackie Chan's Shanghai Noon, we all have seen part of the plot (Chinese mining workers in early U.S., Jackie saved the workers and princess...)was actually copied from the Green Bamboo Warrior but the excitement was not good enough. It let us wonder and imagine how Bruce would make his first U.S. comeback movie for the international audience in the 70s.

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