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September 14 2015 at 8:26 AM
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Betty’s Ting’s Chinese memoir “The Best Time With Bruce Lee” was published on 20th Jul 2015. In her foreword, she wrote,” I do not care about what other people see me, I’m only accountable to Bruce Lee. This is the first time after so many years I’ve seriously reviewed my whole life and the valuable time I’d spent with Bruce Lee. It’s time to give my daughter as well as Bruce an answer...”

Betty Ting (19th Feb 1947 - ) was born in Taiwan with an extraordinary background. Her paternal uncle was General Chang Hsueh-Liang (1901-2001) of Nationalist Party (aka KMT) who was also the former right hand man of Taiwanese 1st President Chiang Kai-Shek (1887-1975). Her maternal grandfather was former Peking Chief Police Commissioner and the 3 generations of Tang’s family including her father were all well-known doctors.

Those who knew Betty commented that she was a straightforward, assertive, generous, smart yet sometimes naïve person. After Bruce’s death, Betty underwent many public accusations, threats, condemnations, inner torture before gradually turned into a matured and religious lady. Betty said she just wanted to say from her point of view as the FIRST WITNESS in those happenings, an undeniable fact that seems more credible than those 3rd party’s non-factual information and speculations. Betty said it does not matter whether people believe her or not as everyone is entitled to and responsible for his/her own opinion/actions. More importantly is to keep in mind that good karma will lead to good consequences while bad karma to bad consequences ultimately.

The following are 33 untold trivia related to Bruce Lee as adapted and translated from her recent memoir - “The Best Time With Bruce Lee”.
Take a look at Betty Ting’s home album:

1. The witness to an unusual relationship ------ Betty was engaged to a Swiss guy in early 1972 but separated few months later. She then left Switzerland and returned to HK in March 1972. She and her mother, Madam Tang then lodged in at Hyatt Regency Hotel. On the evening of 21st Mar 1972, she coincidentally met Raymond Chow, Bruce and Linda at the Hotel entrance while on her way back to the hotel. Raymond and Bruce had just finished celebrating Linda’s birthday in the hotel’s Hugo restaurant. Raymond introduced Betty to Bruce and Linda. Betty had a crush on Bruce at the first sight while Bruce was pleased to make friend with her. On 20th July 1973, exactly 1 year 4 months later, Bruce passed away at Betty’s apartment. Raymond was present at the scene, thus, he became the only witness who saw the beginning till the end of a short-lived and unusual relationship between Bruce and Betty.

2. The 11th hour appointment ------ Days after their first meeting, Bruce got Raymond to fix an impromptu appointment with Betty at a late evening to discuss a possible movie making for Concord/GH Companies. Betty showed up 2 hours later. Bruce was quite unpleased with her unpunctuality initially. But Betty explained she was only informed about the appointment at the eleventh hour. Therefore, she had not enough time to prepare herself. As she wanted to look her best for the appointment, hence, it took her some time to do the make up and dress up. Bruce accepted her explanation and took that as a testing of his patience. However, Betty’s unpunctuality became a norm in their relationship subsequently.

3. High heel shoe ------ Betty said she advised Bruce to wear the fashionable 70’s male high heel shoe in public places so as to look taller and more appealing in the crowd since he was a superstar in HK. Apparently, between 1972 and 1973, Bruce had worn more high heel shoes in many occasions than before as seen from many photos.

4. Bracelet and wristband ------ Bruce was a fashionable man off screen. He liked to wear flowery clothing and accessories. When he saw Betty wore some unique bracelets and wristbands, he became interested. Betty recommended him some of her favorite designs. Frankly, Bruce might be the first HK male star to wear wristband and bracelet in the early 1970s. He later wore a yellow tracksuit and a black wristband in G.O.D. which signified that he was a martial artist of no style and was not restricted to any form of clothing or accessories.

5. Country pumpkin’s hairstyle ------ Initially, Bruce was quite satisfied with his hairstyle for his upcoming 3rd movie, WOTD. However, Betty thought Bruce’s hairstyle was about the same for his first 2 movie. It did not quite match his country pumpkin’s image in WOTD. Thus, Betty suggested Bruce to change his hairstyle. Bruce agreed and Betty brought him to her hairstylist whom asked Betty what kind of hairstyle he should cut for Bruce. Betty replied, “Just follow mine will do.” So, Bruce came out from the hair saloon later with Betty, spotting almost the same hairstyle which caused waves of rumors about their relationship.

6. Electric shock machine ------ Bruce once performed his workouts on his newly bought electric shock machine in the presence of Betty. Seeing Bruce got electrocuted by the electric current, Betty was terrified to look at this ‘cruel’ scene. She was worried and repeatedly persuaded Bruce to stop this crazy training as she thought it would hurt his body and nervous system. Bruce promised her as an act of consolation but later resumed his training on this machine without her notice.

7. Unique & creative opinions ------ Betty used to raise opinions about fashion, character’s image and even the action choreography. Bruce thought her opinions were unique and creative. He welcomed her to contribute suggestions to his new movie – WOTD. Betty said some people might doubt her opinions in action choreography since few knew that she had acquaintances with some martial arts practitioners and was involved in fights with the triad society members during her teenage years in Taiwan. She actually understood some fighting skills. Betty said it was almost unbelievable that most of her suggested difficult and innovative moves seemed feasible as Bruce could perform them very well.

8. Disliked Unicorn Chan ------ Betty admitted that she disliked Unicorn Chan because he gave her a bad first impression of a wired, pessimistic and dependent person. She thought Unicorn relied too much on Bruce and always consulted Bruce on minor issues and simple decisions. She remembered Unicorn liked to murmur something about Bruce, “oh flat feet, can’t reach the ground, the higher you climb, the more you can’t reach the ground…” When Betty learnt from a Taiwanese fortune teller that the murmur was like cursing someone to die early, Betty was furious. One day, she caught Unicorn murmured the same thing again. She told him off. Unicorn was astounded that no one except her could hear his murmuring on the set. Betty thought Unicorn might be jealous of Bruce’s success and murmured out of jealousy. Bruce, however, was not particular about it and even extended his hand to help him in his first breakthrough film, “Fist of Unicorn” in return for his earlier favors.

9. Bad premonitions ------ Betty’s premonitions were quite accurate in 2 occasions. Her first premonition came true as “Fist of Unicorn” flunked in the box-office record badly. Betty’s second premonition came true again as after Bruce’s passing, Kung Fu films declined sharply in HK and most of Bruce’s stuntmen led a miserable life as they were out of job for quite some time.

10. Removal of sweat gland ------ Bruce was having problems with his perspiration and bad odor. He intended to remove the sweat gland under his armpit but Betty strongly objected this idea. She thought it might cause disorder to his body as well as contract side effect too. However, Bruce overrode her opinions and insisted in doing the operation. Hence, in late 1972, Betty accompanied Bruce to a private clinic for his operation. Betty waited anxiously in her car and was relieved only to see Bruce returned safely from the operation.

11. Was “3” an auspicious number? ------ A famous Taiwanese fortune teller by the name of Pak, once predicted that Betty’s auspicious number was 3 or related. He even told her that her Mr. Right was connected with the number 3. Betty then replaced her original Chinese name “Tang Mei-Li” with “Ting Pei.” It became her official stage name which she thought contained 13 strokes in the Chinese characters. She hoped to have a better future after adopting this name. However, Ting Pei discovered years later that the stage name actually had 12 strokes not 13. On the other hand, 3 seemed to be an inauspicious number for Bruce as he died at Betty’s apartment which was on the 3rd floor and the car plate no. for the ambulance that carried his body away was no. 43. Bruce died at the Chinese nominal age of 33. Before he died, there was a scene where he had 3 cuts each on his face and chest during the filming of ETD. These were all seen as inauspicious signs by the Chinese.

12. Yellow Faced Tiger ------ Betty said Raymond and Bruce discussed to cast her in a possible role in Yellow Faced Tiger (circa late March 1972). This was to be co-produced by Bruce’s Concord Company and GH. However, Bruce and Lo-Wei fell out later on. Lo-Wei went on to make this movie in Japan, using Jimmy Wang Yu to replace Bruce. The movie title was changed to “A Man Called Tiger.” On the other hand, Bruce filmed WOTD but the lead actress went to Nora Miao which Bruce had planned earlier. Bruce told Betty he would reserve Y.F.T. title for his next movie.

13. Enter The Dragon ----- Y.F.T. was later renamed G.O.D. which Bruce started initial filming between Sep-Nov 1972. During the filming, he was offered to play ETD by Warner Bros. Betty was happy for Bruce and encouraged him to take up the offer as HK market was too small for him and he would definitely gain international stardom faster by playing the U.S. film. Bruce accepted Warner’s invitation and he told Betty that he was going to suggest to Warner to give her role in ETD. However, just before filming started, Betty was seriously ill. She said she was having low and high fever, on and off for a long time and her body’s skin ‘molted’ quite severely. Her mother, Madam Tang said that her daughter was like the “snake demon being reborn” (Chinese tale). This might explain why Betty was seen in many of the photos in WOTD filming sets but not in ETD sets.

14. Game of Death ------ Betty was disappointed to miss 2 great opportunities to work with Bruce. Upon completion of ETD, Bruce told her she would play his wife in G.O.D. In fact, she and George Lazenby, the former 007 might be the last few characters that had been added into G.O.D. while Bruce was refining his G.O.D. characters in mid 1973. Unfortunately, in the midst of discussing the G.O.D. script, Bruce passed away suddenly on 20th Jul 1973 (Betty might have possibly kept some scattered notes of G.O.D. during their discussion of the story). Later, Raymond Chow offered Betty a ‘compensational’ role in “Stone” (aka “The Shinning Shrine of The Bliss,” 1974) where George played the role originally meant for Bruce while Betty played opposite George. They both have an intimate love scene in this movie.

15. “Release Me” ------ Coincidentally, Bruce and Betty’s favorite song was “Release Me” sung by British singer, Engelbert Humperdinck. Bruce gave some English song cassettes to Betty who kept them in mint condition till today. In her 2013 TV interview, she even played these ‘antique’ cassettes in her sports car while driving the host. Whenever Betty hears “Release Me,” she would always remember Bruce. Betty said Bruce had once promised to accompany her to watch Engelbert Humperdinck’s concert in London one day. But her dream was crushed when Bruce passed away later.

16. Red Mercedes Benz AX6521 ------ Both Bruce and Betty like owning sporty cars as well as driving fast cars. One day, Bruce was startled to see a new ‘S’ series gold Mercedes Benz parked right outside GH studio. He was keen to know from Raymond Chow who was the car owner with such great taste. Betty appeared in front of him abruptly. She told him she had just bought this new car and asked if he was interested to try it. Bruce snatched the car keys and straight away drove off for a spin with Betty and Raymond. Half way through the spin, he stopped the car by the roadside. Bruce said he was thirsty and Raymond volunteered to get some drinks from a convenient store. Immediately after Raymond got down from the car, Bruce drove off with Betty. 3 days later, Bruce bought a new ‘S’ series red Mercedes Benz AX6521. Both his red Benz and Betty’s gold Benz parked side by side outside the GH studio. They became the center of attention from all the passersby. Although Betty bought the ‘S’ series slightly earlier but her car license was registered later than Bruce. Thus, Bruce became the first person to officially owned that new series in HK.

17. Victoria Peak’s sunset ------ Both Bruce and Betty loved to drive their sporty new cars and speed along the road of Sha Tin. They both played “Release Me” in their cars while driving. The cars would stop at Lion Pavilion at Victoria Peak. Then, they would dance and watched the beautiful sunset. Bruce told her someday he would buy an apartment there so that he could enjoy the beautiful scenery and watch the sunset there. However, Bruce suddenly passed away later without fulfilling his promise.

18. Soul mate or sick mate? ------ On 10th May 1973, Bruce fainted in the washroom while dubbing for ETD. He was rushed to the Baptist Hospital and was saved by Doctor Charles Langford and Doctor Peter Woo. Around the same time, Betty had an unpleasant feeling and then fell sick for a number of days. Later, when both of them learnt about each other incidents, they were all dumbfounded of the coincidence and could feel the telepathy within them. Bruce told Betty in details of the fatal incident he encountered (e.g. During his comma, Bruce said he felt himself as if falling into a dark valley while Betty was watching helplessly). Betty in turn told him she dreamt of their car rolling down a hill. Besides Linda, Betty might be the only person whom Bruce related the details of what he experienced and felt while he was in comma.

19. Mutual respect ------ Betty said when Bruce was alive he told Linda to respect Betty as she was a good friend of his and the family. Betty used to visit Bruce and his family at his Kowloon’s house. Both Linda and Betty got along well and were once caught shopping together by the reporters. Linda knew Betty, like many young girls fell for her husband but she trusted her husband. Betty respected Linda when she saw how Linda took care of Bruce and managed the family so well. She knew Bruce was a responsible man who loved his family very much. Although she was fond of Bruce but had never expected to break up his marriage. She just felt contented to see and talk with Bruce even though she knew this unusual relationship would lead her nowhere ultimately. Love is blind and Betty was caught in a dilemma in that relationship. Betty was especially grateful to Linda as upon Bruce’s death, Linda did not blame Betty instead she tried to console her. This made Betty felt remorseful and she praised Linda for being forgiving, magnanimous and with great empathy.

20. The mediator ------ After Bruce became more and more popular in HK, the tensions and disputes between him and Raymond Chow also escalated, especially after WOD. Betty said Bruce quarreled with Raymond over the issues of remuneration, bonuses and staff etc. When Raymond was not able to handle Bruce’s temper, he would usually get Linda or Betty to be the mediator. After coaxing, Bruce would calm down and was less calculative towards Raymond. However, Bruce was getting more agitated later on. Besides Linda, Betty was the only person who could let him cool down. Betty understood that Bruce was under enormous amount of pressure and would always try to get him to relax and relieved his tensions. However, it did not last as the Lo Wei’s incident finally occurred on 5th July 1973. Two weeks later, Bruce passed away in her apartment. Betty was accused of killing the hero of HK.

21. Engelbert Humperdinck ------ After Bruce’s death, Betty went on a tour to Japan in November 1973 to get away from HK and heal her pain. One day, she was drinking alone at the hotel’s pub. While she hummed her favorite song “Release Me” she heard a familiar voice singing along with her. Betty turned around and saw Engelbert Humperdinck! She was taken aback and could not believe her eyes. Engelbert went over to sit side by side with Betty. They sang “Release Me” while playing the piano at the same time. Engelbert later told her he was on his vacation in Tokyo and was surprised to hear someone singing his song. That was why he was so pleased to sing and played the piano for her. This made Betty believed that it was not sheer coincidence but it was Bruce’s spirit that got Engelbert to sing live in front of her so as to encourage her to stay strong and live positively.

22. “Bruce Lee & I” ------ Betty admitted that part of the storyline in “Bruce Lee & I”(1975) where Bruce drank liquors, smoked cigarettes, took drug and died after sex was false. At that time (1973-1975), Betty was addicted to heavy drinking and drugs. A powerful party then forced her to sign an agreement to admit that she caused Bruce’s death through drugs and sex. Betty’s refusal to betray her conscience resulted in denial of getting drug supplies from that powerful party. Few days later, she was taken away by 4 thugs outside the pub and was almost forced to jump down a building to fabricate a suicide accident. Fortunately, Betty was witty enough to escape the danger. Betty was infuriated and planned to retaliate on those persecutors. In 1975, the impetuous Betty went to Run Run Shaw to get his support in shooting “Bruce Lee & I.” Shaw, a shrewd businessman and cinema tycoon, agreed as he was all out to cash in on Bruce’s death. Betty thought that since some party did not want to see their hero died of drugs overdosed and sex, then she would purposely agreed with the director to shoot those ugly scenes that were actually adapted from the speculations in the newspapers. Later, Betty told the HK press if she were to meet any mishap after shooting that movie, that means, the move’s storyline was true. That movie did poorly and it also tarnished Bruce’s image. Betty regretted her irrational acts till today.

23. Charles Heung Hwa-Keung ------ Betty had lost part of her memory due to heavy drinking and drug addiction. Her friends distant from her after seeing her poor health condition. Finally, with her family’s encouragement, she decided to seek drug addiction treatment at the rehabilitation center. After enduring some difficult times, she was fully recovered. Betty returned to the show business again and met Charles Heung Hwa-Keung (16th Dec 1948 - ) while filming with him in Philippines. Although Charles was a young actor with triad society background, he did not manipulate to get Betty’s love. Betty said they hit off well and Charles was the only man she loved after Bruce passed away. She said Charles was macho, responsible and helpful just liked Bruce. Besides being an actor, Charles was a martial arts practitioner in Mo Ying Sau (Shadowless Hand Kung Fu) and Chi Kung (Hard style Kung Fu). Charles was also an admirer of Bruce. He hoped one day, he could do something great for the Chinese movie industry (which he did in the 1990s) just like Bruce. Betty felt secured being with Charles. In 1978, they got married and gave birth to a daughter by the name of Heung Wing-Hang or Eternal Heung. Besides being a good mother, she also tried to seek inner peace and harmony in religion and became a devoted Buddhist. Unfortunately, few years after their marriage, they divorced as Charles Heung had an extramarital affair with his business assistant and partner, Tiffany Chan Lan. Upon their divorce, Charles Heung paid for the alimony and continued to take care of Betty and their daughter. They maintained a good relationship till today.

24. Haunting Nightmare ------ After Bruce’s death, Betty’s traumatic experience led her to wake up in the middle of the night and constantly checked to see whether her her husband and daughter were still breathing and alive. She was just afraid that her dear ones would suddenly died in the middle of their sleep just like Bruce. This terrible nightmare had been haunting her for many years until she turned to religion and recited the Buddhism scriptures, the condition improved tremendously. In addition, her past lost memory gradually recovered and she could remember almost every details of the time she spent with Bruce. Her memory became so good that she could even memorise and recite very profound Buddhism scriptures without missing a single line. Gone was the haunting nightmare, her heart became more peaceful and serene and she no longer lived in fear and paranoid.

25. A mysterious letter from Seattle ------ Few weeks before Bruce’s 11th death anniversary, Betty received an anonymous letter from Seattle. The letter only carried 3 typewritten English words - “How Are You?” Betty’s initial thought was someone was trying to play a joke on her. However, she had just moved to a new address and rarely anyone in HK knew about it, so not to mention people from overseas. She was puzzled who had mailed her from Seattle. Then, she recalled Bruce returned to the U.S. in early June 1973. Could it be him that sent her a letter that was late for 11 years? Again, she thought it was impossible as Bruce only knew her old address. Anyway, Bruce was buried in Seattle and that letter really reminded Betty of him. This still remains an unsolved mystery till today.

26. Unexplained car horns ------ After receiving the mysterious letter, Betty was perturbed by another bizarre incident the following day. She got off her car after parking at her apartment’s car park. Suddenly, she heard someone pressed the car horn, a car horn with a familiar rhythm (made by Bruce before). When she turned around, she saw no one. As she was about to leave, the car horn was heard again and it seemed to come from her own car. Although it sounded creepy, she still picked up her courage and went to her car to take a look. But there was no one in there. She thought maybe she had heard wrongly. Nevertheless, for the next few days, the same incident happened again. She guessed something might be wrong with her car, so, she sent it for repair. After thorough checking and inspection, the mechanics told her that the car horn was not faulty and the car was in perfect condition.

27. Bruce’s reincarnation ------ On 20th July 1984, exactly the 11th death anniversary of Bruce Lee, Betty heard someone rang her doorbell. When she opened the door there was no one. Suddenly, she felt a gust of cold wind blew towards her and felt something familiar approaching. Betty believed that Bruce’s spirit had returned. That same day, Charles Heung’s second wife, Tiffany Chan Lan gave birth to a baby boy, named Jacky Heung Zo. Betty thought he was Bruce’s reincarnation and liked the baby very much. Charles and Tiffany who were very busy in expanding their entertainment business, entrusted Betty to look after the new born baby. Betty adored, pampered and took great care of Jacky Heung until he grew up. Betty said Jacky in some ways resembled Bruce, such as like to do things in his own will, very assertive and has a good physique. Although he only learnt martial arts at the age of 26 but he had a talent in it. He had played along Jet Li in “Fearless” (2006) and “The Warlords” (2007) and received good critics about his acting and fighting ability.

28. Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion ------ Around 1997, Betty asked a good friend to help her find and buy an apartment. After the house was bought, she went to see her new house for the first time. Betty was bewildered as directly opposite from her balcony was the place she and Bruce used to race cars and watched sunset. The building was called “Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion” and it was situated in the housing estate of Shatin 33. Also, her apartment was on the 23rd floor. According to the Fengshui master, that was the place where the dragon slept, an auspicious place to live in. Dragon, phoenix, 33, 23, dragon head etc. all related to Bruce. Betty cried when she thought of Bruce’s promise to buy a house somewhere near Victoria Peak so that they could watch sunset together. It was liked a dream came true 24 years after Bruce’s passing. She could feel as if Bruce was by her side.

29. Death by misadventure ------ Betty admitted even though she and Bruce had some intimate moments before but on the night when Bruce passed away, they did not have sex. Actually Bruce had not been to her apartment for quite sometime. But on 20th July 1973, he and Raymond Chow suddenly suggested to discuss the G.O.D. script at her apartment after they had finished lunch with George Lazenby. They were discussing the refined G.O.D. script from 4pm until 7pm when Bruce complained of a headache. They paused the discussion. Raymond Chow left to meet George Lazenby at the Mirama Hotel while Bruce took the Equasic tablet and lied down on Betty’s bed and was never awake again. He died peacefully (Betty said only persons with good karmas would have peaceful passing in sleep). As to the rumor of Bruce’s shouting and banging things in the room before he passed away, Betty denied it was true. She said that day her room’s windows were all wide opened, thus, her neighbors upstairs and downstairs would definitely heard those noises but they did not. In addition, Betty said Bruce was super conscious about his health, so, he was very particular of what he ate and drank. She had not seen Bruce taking any drugs in front of her before and Bruce really hated smoking. Betty said Bruce would not be so silly to take drugs to destroy his hard-built body and health except those pain killers he took to cease his long time back pain and headache. She loved him and would not hurt him but it was fated that he died on her bed which she could not prevent.
The court’s verdict of Bruce’s passing was “Death by misadventure” due to cerebral edema yet many speculations still surrounded his death till today. Betty said the removal of sweat gland, excessive training, impropriate work-out on the electric shock machine, possible internal injuries due to pasts trainings and sparring, insufficient rest and enormous pressure etc all could had caused harms to Bruce’s body. Although the doctors in the U.S. had claimed that Bruce’s body was like an 18 but many might have felt otherwise. Betty said she had done her research but would not reveal further to avoid unnecessary controversies.

30. Fortune pant ------ Around 2000, Betty lent Stephen Chow a treasure, i.e. Bruce’s pant – ‘Choy Fu’ (Cantonese, meaning fortune pant) which could bring him good luck (In fact, Betty possessed many Bruce’s items such as English songs cassettes, JKD emblem, nunchaku, high heel shoes, 2 pants etc.). Stephen who was in financial difficulty was enchanted to obtain his idol’s belongings and promised Betty if he could gain success in his new movie, in return, he would make a movie that pays tribute to Bruce Lee and another movie that pays tribute to Buddhism. Betty was satisfied with Stephen’s promise.
After he got the fortune pant, lady luck seemed to smile at him. Stephen suddenly found investments for his new movie which was called “Shaolin Soccer.” Upon its release in 2001, it broke the HK box office record and continued to gain box office’s success in other parts of the world. Stephen regained his financial freedom. However, he did not return the fortune pant to Betty nor fulfilled his earlier promises. When Betty tried to reach Stephen, he went missing. During the HK movie award ceremony, “Shaolin Soccer” achieved many awards including the best director award. Stephen thanked his idol, Bruce, in his speech but never mention anything about Betty. After losing 1 fortune pant to Stephen, Betty had another Bruce’s pant left in her possession which she would not lend out easily anymore.

31. Promises half fulfilled ------ Sometime later, Betty coincidentally met Stephen at a hotel who tried to avoid her initially. Betty went after him who felt awkward in seeing her. Betty did not ask Stephen to return Bruce’s pant but instead reminded him not to forget his earlier promises. In 2006, Stephen Chow’s multi-dollar production, “Kung Fu Hustle” smashed the box office records again. In that movie, he wore Bruce’s famous white and black Kung Fu outfit of ETD and fought like Bruce. At the end of the film, there was a scene whereby a giant Buddha palm landed on the ground and then a small lotus was seen flying in the air. These were seen as Stephen fulfilling his earlier promises to Betty. Although there was only 1 movie not 2 but at least his promises were half-fulfilled. Upon watching the movie, Betty said only he (Stephen) knew the truth from his heart as he had to answer to the heaven and earth, the people and himself.

32. Strange muscle outlines & young looking ------ After practicing Buddhism for more than 3 decades, Betty found her muscle outlines resembled those of Bruce. They got even more obvious as time went by. She could even perform a 180 degree bent down, similar to Bruce in WOTD, a stunt which she never knew before. Her daughter, Eternal Heung was also baffled by her mother muscles outline and flexibility since she seldom exercises or practices Kung Fu. Betty made several public appearances in 2005, 2010 and 2013 and the public was flabbergasted to see Betty’s young and radiant look which was a far cry from her actual age (looked 20 years younger). Also, when she wore the same old fanciful, round necked, long sleeve shirt, the one which she wore in a photo with Bruce 4 decades ago, people were in awe by her clothing’s mint condition as well as her slim figure. Betty credits all these to the religion she practices and the simple lifestyle she leads.

33. 40th death anniversary & 75th birthday anniversary ------ On 20th July 2013, ex-TVB producer and Bruce’s good friend – Robert Chua invited Betty to attend Bruce’s 40th death anniversary program. The promotion was great. However, Betty was forced to withdraw at the last minute due to the interruption from a certain party (i.e. BL estate). The celebration received poor response ultimately. Betty said actually people did not need to worry about her as she had nothing to badmouth about Bruce, instead, she wanted to share with the fans on her knowledge on Bruce and to let more young people know about his philosophy of life. Betty thought that Bruce’s thinking was similar to Buddhist teachings in one way or another. So, she hoped more people would be inspired to lead a meaningful and fruitful life.
Moreover, Betty was being interviewed in a 2 parts TV show by the famous HK Phoenix TV station in 2013. She talked about Bruce in great length and even showed the host her former house at 67, Beacon Hill where Bruce died.

To celebrate Bruce’s 75th birthday anniversary, her new book, “The Best Time with Bruce Lee” was finally released in mainland China on 20th July this year. By revealing what she knew and witnessed, Betty had finally walked out from the shadow of her traumatic experience Sharing with the new generation readers on the values of a positive mindset and optimism towards life, are something Betty believed Bruce Lee would approve and be proud of.

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