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Below is a compilation of 10 pieces of rare info found in GH’s Galaxy Pictorial Magazine from 1971-1973. The editor was Wong Ak Chung whose interview was posted in this forum last month.

1. Issue 165 (late 1971): Alternate ending for “Fist of Fury”– After the fight at the Jap dojo, Bruce returns to Ching Wu School but finds the police have sealed and closed down the school. Bruce’s Eldest Si Heng, Tien Fung, tells Bruce and Nora to protect and accompany Grandmaster’s wife Mrs Fook Yuen-Gap back to Tianjing hometown and open a new Ching Wu school over there. Bruce agreed. On the way to the railway station, Bruce remembers he has forgotten to bring along the “Fist of Lost Track” Kung Fu manual given by his master, he rushes back to the school. When he reaches there, he sees dead bodies of the Ching Wu students including his eldest Si Heng all over the place. It is a massacre by the Japs. Bruce and Nora then arrange Mrs Fook to return to Tianjing by train and they stay in Shanghai to seek revenge for their Ching Wu schoolmates. When they passe by a open space, they see a Russian wrestler on the stage boasting to beat Chinese whom he terms “Sick Man of Asia.” Bruce goes up to the stage and fights him. He beats him. After the victory, both Bruce and Nora tell the crowd about their master’s ambition of promoting health and patriotism through martial arts learning; and how their master is being murdered by the Japs. The crowd is agitated and all of them including Bruce and Nora proceed to the Jap dojo and have a big fight over there. Finally, they kill the 2 leaders of the Japs dojo and avenge for Ching Wu school but they were all arrested by the police.

2. Issue 166 (early 1971): Since “The Big Boss” broke all records in HK, Shaws change their mind and wants Bruce to join their company secretly but is being refused by Bruce. So, Run Run Shaw invites the gentle wrestler Malano to take part in their new film “The Killer” (played opposite Chan Kwan-Tai) with a payment of US$1,500 per day. Malano is the “first” wrestler in the world, and has a lot of fans in HK. So, Shaws use this opportunity to make money. Will Shaws succeed? Not sure yet but one thing is for sure, Malano’s fans in HK are unhappy as their idol acts as a clown in this film and they think it’s not worthy for him to accept Shaws’ invitation.

3. Issue 166 (early 1972): After completing “Fist of Fury,” Bruce and Raymond co-founded Concord production company. Bruce intends to film a movie titled “Jeet Kune Do” as the debut movie for Concord. JKD is a form of Budo created by Bruce and he has only showed a bit of his JKD in “The Big Boss,” yet the audience are already mesmerized by it, so he wants to show more in Concord’s debut movie. However, he returned from the U.S. upon negotiating with Paramount to extend his TV contract for another year, he suddenly has an idea in mind, i.e. to make a movie that can accommodate the taste of the eastern and western audience. Besides distributing in Southeast Asia, it can be distributed to the U.S. and Europe too. Bruce intends to work with the U.S. movie production company. Bruce will writes, directs and plays in this new movie titled “WOTD.” Bruce said he planned to go the U.K. in June (1972) to attend the premiere of “The Big Boss” and then proceeds to the Europe to scouts locations for WOTD. If possible, the entire film will be shot in Europe.

4. Issue 166 (early 1972): Bruce said the script for WOTD has been 3/4 completed and it will takes a month or so to complete everything. But it is too rush and there are many flaws that cannot be detected easily so he need some time to cool down and refine the script carefully. During this period, he does not want to waste time, so before shooting WOTD, he will makes use of this interval to shoot a modern action film, titled “Cold Face Tiger” (original title “Love Song of The Dark Night”). The leading actress will be Nora Miao and Maria Yi. It will be filmed in Japan. Bruce wants to go to Japan to shoot mainly because the audience are too familiar with the HK sceneries and April is the month where Sakura blossoms in Japan. It will be nice to capture this beautiful scenery and used it as the movie’s background. The audience will surely be attracted to it.

5. Issue 175 (mid 1972): Persistency is one of the key elements in Bruce’s success. After he became the director and boss, he still uses this attitude to shoot his movie. Just like he said, “There’s a mark of Bruce Lee in every inch of the film.” Bruce loves working with Nora Miao. Ever since he returned to HK to film, Nora plays in every Bruce’s movie, from “The Big Boss” to “WOTD” and now “GAME.” Currently, Nora is shooting “The Story of Daisy” and “The Devil’s Treasure” in Taiwan. She will be returning to HK and Bruce has planned to go to S. Korea to shoots Nora’s part over there.

6. Issue 177 (Oct 1972): After WOTD, Bruce Lee starts shooting GAME (original title Yellow Face Tiger). It’s another action film that he directs and acts. It is very mysterious during the shooting of the opening scene as he specially instructs the guards to standby the entrance of the studio to refrain reporters from intruding and taking photos. Later, it is found that the renowned U.S. international basketball star, Kareem Abdul Jabaar is playing a part in GAME. Jabaar has said he is not used to be interviewed and his stay in HK will be one week. So, if reporters keep interrupt him, he will not be able to complete his shooting on time, that is the reason, Bruce Lee rejects reporters from interviewing him......
Although GAME has yet been completed but many people are aware that there will be many new and creative fighting scenes. Bruce said, “There is already a continuous shooting of 25 days for the fight scenes at one go. It’s quite a lot just 25 days alone for shooting the fight scenes. Nevertheless, there’s still some “shoot and pause and shoot,” intermittent kind of filming going on."......
Also, Fred Weintraub has visited Bruce in HK on 25th Sep to negotiate about a collaboration of an international action film. It seems like the success rate is very high and Bruce is very interested in it. Furthermore, the U.K. movie company has intention to invite Bruce to play along George Peppard. However, Bruce is more keen in the invitation of the U.S. movie company.

7. Issue 178 (late 1972): Recently, there is news about Bruce Lee planning to shoot a movie for Shaw Bros. The title is “Nien Geng-Yau.” It’s a Ching Dynasty’s costume film. Bruce has shot photos for this going-to-make costume film. After the photo session, Bruce avoided the reporters by escaping through the exit of the rear side of the studio. But the newspapers still go ahead to report the news using big headline……
It is said that Shaw Bros is going to pay Bruce HK$2.5 million, another HK$500,000 increase in his remuneration he gets in GH and Concord......
Bruce told the reporters, “One day, I’d like to bring Run Run and Chow to shake hand again, the 3 of us can take a shot together.” This implies that Bruce hopes to see the cooperation of the two HK movie giants. Bruce once said if he shoots for GH and Shaws, the advantage is that it will helps to promote the quality and standard of the Mandarin film because with competition comes improvement......
Chang Cheh has openly deny to work with Bruce because he does not want to let his Chang’s star team be overshadowed by Bruce. Hence, the most likely candidate for the director choice to work with Bruce will be Chor Yuen who is a good friend of Bruce and has been working with him in the 50s Cantonese films.

8. Issue 180 (early 1973): Bruce Lee is an expert in publicity, and his job with Winston cigarettes for WOTD is a remarkable success......
One interesting question would be the possibility for Jimmy Wang Yu and Bruce Lee to appear in the same movie. Jimmy has restored himself by his success in “A Man Called Tiger” for which GH has an ample portion of the credit because of smart scheduling and strong publicity. For this, Jimmy is grateful to GH and Lo Wei. Unlike Jimmy, Bruce tends to limit the number of his productions, thereby, retaining his box office very solidly. This year, for instance, will see only three of Lee’s pictures, namely, ETD, Game of Death and possibly one other. WOTD was another record setter, but also very lowly rated because of lack of directing experience. Yet Bruce’s attitude for work guarantees progress for his films.

9. Issue 181 (early 1973): During filming of ETD, Bruce Lee is again being challenged. The place was at the outdoor shooting at Lo Man-Wai’s villa. As Bruce has been going there very often to shoot ETD, thus, it has attracted many residents and students to come and see Bruce. Bruce has told the crew not to stop these people as long as they do not interrupt the shooting or cause any trouble. Bruce even at his filming break, approached these students and chit-chat with them. He spoke to them about martial arts, philosophy and movies. The students were delighted to chat with their idol. Bruce would even demo his JKD and showed them his muscles. One day, while chit-chatting with the students, a brawny man from the crowd walked towards Bruce, pointed finger at him and said he has been practicing martial arts for many years and he wanted to challenge Bruce. Bruce ignored him but he kept pestering and insulted Bruce. Bruce was forced to the limit, agree to accepted his challenge. That man was over the moon, immediately took off his shirt and showed off his muscular body. He started to attack Bruce with his fist. At this time, a huge crowd had already gathered around to watch the sparring. Everyone was thinking it would be an exciting match, yet after avoiding 3 attacks from the challenger, Bruce counter-attacked. The crowd saw Bruce incredibly fast kicks and suddenly, the challenger had fallen to the ground. It was less than 5 seconds. This challenger must have learnt from Lau Tat-Chuen’s that challenging Bruce would make him a movie star. So, he tried to do the same trick. But this time round, Bruce really accepted his challenge and this challenger surely was unlucky.

10. Issue 185 (mid 1973): Before Bruce’s death in July, he planned to shoot a biographical film called “Sai Fung.” The script has been ready. He has even invited Josephine Siu Fung-Fung and Pai Yan (both have played along with him in his childhood films) to be cast in this film. His main purpose of making this film is to commemorate himself and his family. Sai Fung is Bruce’s nickname. When he was still a teenager filming “The Orphan,” he was like a “Ngau Wong Jai” (son of bull King, literally means a bully or trouble maker) but in the eyes of his mother he was liked his nickname Sai Fung, a well-behaved child, like a good girl. However, with his untimely death, every plans sink to the bottom and the HK people mourn the death of their super hero.

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