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December 7 2015 at 5:57 PM
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I just spotted some rare GAME info in this article, "Bruce Lee Challenges Death" in issue 8 (Nov'72) of the Golden Movie News.

Below is an excerpt of the article:

1. Reporter: "How do you use "death" as a "game"?
Bruce: "You just watched my 7 storeys pagoda set, the game will starts from here!" (Note: 7 storeys pagoda derives from an ancient Buddhist's saying)

2. Bruce: "There'll be a top martial arts expert who will acts as the guardian for each of the 7 storeys. This is the focus of the movie content." (Note: Bruce had just started filming GAME. 7 storey pagoda might be his initial idea and it might had been revised later on.)

3. Bruce had invited the black U.S. basketball star -- The 7ft.4 giant and king of basektball, Kareem A. Jabaar to secretly start filming GAME for 6 edays.

4. After Jabaar left, Bruce invited the U.S. Filipino - Dan Inosanto (master of escrima stick, Bruce picked up some nunchaku techniques from him) to continue shooting in the same set (Note: with varied props) for 2 weeks (14 days).

5. Reporter saw the "Golden Hair Emperor" - James Tien (Note: James Tien's hair was slightly brownish) was fighting against Inosanto. Reporter: "Tien Jun (James Tien), are you playing a good guy or bad guy?" James Tien looked at Bruce and dared not reply. Bruce replied on his behalf: "He's a good man, same as me. But we don't seem to see eye to eye and never been convinced by each other's skill." Reporter: "Does he play in a lot of scenes?" Bruce: "A lot. "n this movie, he has the most scenes after me. He will fight as many as I fight..."

6. Reporter: "Does 7 storeys pagoda mean you have created 7 sets?" Bruce: "No, only one set but there will be seven different big props and small props. This is to signify the special identities and martial arts skills of every guardian on each floor"

7. Reporter: "Now, we can see that Jabaar and Inosanto are on the different levels fighting against Tien Jun and Bruce Lee. Bruce and Tien will fight against "7 demons" in this extremely dangerous place which is filled with deadly traps. They came here to play, so, it's called "The Game of Death." Who says it doesn't fit the title?!

8. Reporter: "Although Bruce has been strictly keeping his secret but it can be forseen that Bruce will find "The best 7 persons with different martial arts prowess to be the guardians of the pagoda and to fight against Bruce and Tien. Bruce has once said if he films, he'll make sure every movie surpasses the last one."

9. Reporter: "What type of martial arts will Jabaar perform in GAME? Answer is JKD. I guess besides Bruce, no one is able to match this giant's Kung Fu. He has been fighting against Bruce and Tien for 6 days in GH's studio. From the way Bruce jumped and kicked his chest, it's just like kicking a tall pillar. This scene surely will be very interesting and exciting. Just like Bruce said, 'The best scene is at the end!' This implies he has invited more powerful figures to play in his GAME."

10. Reporter: "Like Jabaar, Inosanto is a legendary figure in the U.S. colored races. He is an active martial arts master who has learnt Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Chinese Hong Gar, Choy Li-fat etc. He has won the silver medal in the 1964 Long Beach Karate Tournament......He said he showed Bruce nunchaku and Bruce later learnt it by himself and created his own nunchaku style....Now, Inosanto has completed his scenes and returns to the U.S. to resume his martial arts teaching. What kind of martial arts experts will be "playing" with Bruce next in GAME? Let's wait and see. It will definitely be someone very prominent!"

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