Jesse Glover on Bruce & WJM fight

December 30 2015 at 11:11 AM
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Response to James Lee told Allen Joe Bruce won WJM !


Jesse Glover,

"I wasn't at the fight but Bruce told me about it. Wong and some of his followes came to a place where Bruce was working out. The only people with him were Linda and James Lee. At first Bruce was concerned because there was only him and james against several people. Once that he learned that the fight would be between wong and him, his concern left him. After they squared off Bruce attacked. Wong turned and retreated and Bruce chased him. Wong was moving in the direction of Bruce's punches to the head so they weren't have much of an effect. Bruce said that he was running out of breath and that he knew if he didn't end it that he would run out of wind. At this point he made an all-out effort to close the gap. When he caught up with Wong he knocked or threw him to the floor and mounted his chest. He forced him to say that he had made a mistake. At this point Bruce let him up. While Bruce was alive noone challenged his account of the fight."

Jesse Glover's version is almost similar to Linda Lee and Allen Joe's versions.

The 3 versions as told by Bruce, Linda and James at different timing/occassions have some identical details:

1. WJM turned and ran while Bruce chased after him.
2. The fight lasted only 3 minutes.
3. Bruce forced WJM to the floor and gave up.

One big mystery: The 3 versions did not mentioned about the presence of George Lee. They all said only Linda and James were with Bruce. So, where is George Lee?

Like Allen Joe said, he was busy with his business and like him, George Lee should be working at that time too. James Lee was the one who had called and told them about the fight.

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