Reasons why they dared not talked in front of Bruce

December 31 2015 at 5:21 PM
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Response to The 9 witnesses names and backgrounds

"Strange, why didn't they talk publicly in front of Bruce when he was still alive?"

The answer is simple: If they did say infront of Bruce not behind his back, Bruce would definitely take them on. Just to quote a few examples:

1) Long hair Kung Fu man who talked bad about Bruce in the black belt office, Bruce overheard and wanted to take him on but the Kung Fu man was afraid and back off (circa 1968 refer to "The Incomparable Fighter" by M. Uyehara);
2) On set of FOF, Sammo Hung questioned Bruce whether he was that good, Bruce said, "you wanna try?" Before Sammo was ready to throw his punch, Bruce's leg was already in front of Sammo's face (refer to Sammo Hung's interview in youtube)
3) ETD's extras who insulted and provoked Bruce on the set met their ends when Bruce was forced to take them on. (refer to Henry Wong, Chaplin Chang, Bolo Yeung etc. interviews)

Bruce once told Daniel Lee over a teleconversation:

BL: "I mean, like, lets say if Lo Tai-chuen were man enough instead of going to the newspaper to walk up to me and slap me thats the end of him! I mean, [laughs] I have yet been able to turn the other cheek, man.”

Dan:“Well in fact I think the fact that now unlike ten years ago when you would have said okay, Lo Tai-chuen, pick the time!“

BL: ”Pick the time? I wouldnt pick the time? I wouldnt even say anything! I would just show up right in front of his door waiting for him! Thats all there is to it. I mean, I have yet refused one challenge ever since I was in the United States all these B.S. artists, all of them. They mention it. I just accept it.“

A simple logic, i.e. only loser will ask for rematch which Bruce didn't but WJM did. Clearly, Bruce, the victor, chose to ignore WJM's request for rematch. If WJM was man enough to walk into Bruce's school the 2nd time and stated his unpleasures over whatever Bruce's earlier claims, and then challenged Bruce, Bruce would definitely take WJM on again. But WJM, like Lo Tai-chuen (aka Lau Tat-Chuan), prefered to go to the newspaper instead. The rest of his men just talked behind Bruce while he was alive and only once publicly in 1980 (by WJM) followed by 40 years later after Bruce's death. Why? Because they knew dead man will never talk back. lol.

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