Protecting Reputations

December 31 2015 at 6:05 PM
Philip Callahan   (no login)

Response to Re: Jesse Glover on Bruce & WJM fight


IMO, both Lee and WJM presented biased versions of what occurred in Oakland. Neither man was about to lose face by admitting defeat, so what is put forth is a mixture of fact, fiction, and hyperbole. Bruce Lee did not ground and pound WJM into submission, but the fight didn't last 20 minutes. The most salient depiction of their fight is that WJM's style frustrated Bruce to the point where he replaced strategy with a quick kill mentality.

Finger jabs, rotation strikes, and a few kicks to the groin were the tools used to end this thing in a matter of seconds. It's important to remember that Bruce told James DeMile that he had a 3 second rule when engaged in a street fight. Bruce told DeMile that if a fight didn't end in 3 seconds, one or both fighters "don't know what they are doing."

Lee's inability to end the fight quick was extremely frustrating and this frustration was exacerbated when WJM began to dish out some punishment of his own. It appears that the end of the fight was determined by WJM tripping & falling to the floor as opposed to Bruce putting him on the floor.

Ironically, this fight was the impetus for Bruce Lee becoming a legendary martial artist. After this fight, Lee trained like a madman, and cultivated a Wing Chun/Boxing/Fencing hybrid that was/is years ahead of most martial arts.

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