Tommy Carruthers: “MMA is a sports, JKD is not!”

January 2 2016 at 7:46 AM
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In a recent 2015 interview found in the “Chinese Kung Fu History documentary,” JKD instructor, Tommy Carruthers talked about the difference between MMA and JKD.

According to Tommy Carruthers:

“Jeet Kune Do is not directly connected to MMA. However, both MMA and JKD have punches and kicks like Karate and Kung Fu, so people link JKD to MMA. But the goal of Bruce Lee’s JKD is very clear, that is to finish the opponent fast.”

“MMA is a sports, there’s no kicking to the groin, no breaking of legs and no finger jabs. Even if MMA allows groin kicking, finger jabbing and knee kicking,…it is still very difficult to award the points to the participants accurately.”

“MMA is a sports and Jeet Kune Do is not. There are many types of punches and kicks which can be used on the street but to use MMA in real street fighting is highly dangerous and it is very foolish as you may loose your life.”

“I know 2 guys,… two friends of mine who use MMA in a street brawl, died because they never got back up. One guy was kicked to death and another guy being stabbed and never survive. So, have to adjust according to the situation. It’s very important to control the environment…But on the street, they would not just tap you but they would hit and kill you...”

“I appreciate MMA... It’s a sports...what matter is not to just kick the opponent’s legs and body but to kick the groin and use the finger jab more direct and effective and finish it fast. MMA has kicks and punches but as far as attack is concerned, it is more of a sports and not real fighting. Because if you have a chance to kick the groin, why kick the side? Why you punch the face instead of jabbing the eyes? This is Bruce’s theory. Thought I couldn’t remember exactly what he said, but roughly is like if you could use jabbing to the eyes, why punch his head? What Bruce wanted to says was that finger jab is faster, longer and more effective than the punch. You just make sure the jab hit the target and finishes it off.”

“MMA is a sports which people love and look forward to, but compare with MMA, I personally ’m more willingly to watch good boxing matches. Some people thinks that MMA is very good but for me, I like to watch boxing as it looks more skillful and its footsteps are much better (than MMA)...”

Video of Tommy Carruthers: “MMA is a Sports, JKD isn’t” -

Jeet Kune Do Tommy Carruthers Legacy of Bruce Lee

Tommy Carruthers Showreel - Underground Edition

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