January 6 2016 at 4:00 AM
Davey  (no login)

Response to Tommy Carruthers: “MMA is a sports, JKD is not!”


Tommy Carruthers is just saying the usual rubbish about MMA - it has rules so no relation to a real street encounter...........

He talks of no leg breaks allowed in MMA? Not true - you can kick with side kick or any kick straight to the legs, people often use oblique kicks (like Holly Holm used against Ronda Rousey) or side kicks (like Jon Jones, or Conor used against Aldo once in their brief fight). People are delusional if they think one kick there will stop somebody tough or they can break their leg easily. Nobody has had a broken leg yet in MMA from a side kick or oblique kick to it as far as I know because the majority of people cannot hit that hard with it, it is very difficult to land clean against a moving opponent, & contrary to myths the leg does not break easily even with a good side kick.

Strikes to groin - these were allowed in early UFC's. A tough trained fighter or experienced streetfighter can take your best shot to their groin, add to that some might be on drugs or alcohol. Strikes to eyes - not allowed obviously in MMA but again this myth that it is easy to hit the eyes or that it will stop anyone. A tough trained fighter or a tough streetfighter won't stop attacking or wave a white flag to surrender just because you caught them in the eye. He talks of why punch when you can hit them in the eyes - you miss with a finger jab it is a wasted shot, hitting a moving target is very hard no matter how much you train for accuracy, so you miss with your deadly finger jab & the opponent counters with punches as you are firing it.

Thigh kick - he says why do it when you can do a side kick & break his leg (see above), well there is a big sciatic nerve running along your leg, a single Muay Thai kick there to a person not used to taking them will likely drop him or cause him so much pain your follow up will finish him.

Many MMA fighters have had a lot of street fights, some grew up in rough areas, they don't stick to MMA techniques as you see in competition and are well aware what should not be used. People like Rickson Gracie, Bas Rutten & many others have had many real fights including against multiple opponents and have been hit in the eye or the groin and it did not stop them.

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  • Davey - NDoraku on Jan 6, 2016, 12:12 PM
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