Kicking Legs

January 6 2016 at 5:28 PM
Davey  (no login)

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If you hit anywhere on the side of the leg swinging leg like a baseball bat with Muay Thai kick it will drop most untrained people that are not used to taking it, or at the least hurt them a lot. Hitting the knee bang on against a moving target is very hard & not as sensitive as you suggest - go look at Jon Jones repeatedly hitting people on the knee & leg in UFC with side kicks, it stopped nobody & he has never broken any part of opponents leg using it but is obviously throwing it as hard as he possibly can. Fighters like Bas Rutten have said it is more myth one side kick to leg or direct to knee will cause great damage or easily break the opponents knee or leg, he has been in many well documented streetfights and tried it and he obviously hits very hard indeed.

The knee is a very small area, so is the groin - very easy to miss with a moving opponent and that miss with a side kick or lack of damage from it may mean opponent is suddenly on you or if he has a knife suddenly closer. Not saying never use a side kick or finger jab, just be realistic you will often miss and even when you land it accurately it won't cause much damage or people that are tough can take those shots and keep coming. Go train finger jab & kicks to the groin train for accuracy then spar full contact all out & see how often you land a kick to the groin or finger jab on target to the eyes wearing googles & groin guard obviously. I mean free sparring nothing pre arranged all out not doing back & forth drills as people like Tommy Carruthers favor.

Nearest weapon to nearest target, and lead hand and foot is great in theory though not always the best in practical terms. Centreline, Straight Blast from Wing Chun is great in theory to but not always the best in practical terms. You are also very predictable if you stand in Jeet Kune Do with Bai Jong and use mainly lead hand and foot, or in Wing Chun stance protecting centreline and using Straight Blast and lead leg to attack.

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