Reality in Street

January 7 2016 at 4:06 PM
Davey  (no login)

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Tell that to a Tae Kwon Do person that can go through bricks & multiple boards with bare feet! Many have tried side kicks in the street with shoes or boots on to shin or knee and it has done little, certainly not stopped the person or broke their leg.

The way people like Tommy Carruthers appear to teach a side kick or finger jab is that it will stop an attacker, or you will easily break their leg; a lot of the time he appears to be advocating low kick to knee followed by finger jabs - he teaches people with dry land swimming drills going back and forth and it gives people a false sense of security these techniques will finish anyone on the street. Spar all out no pre arranged attacks or drills going back and forth, then see what you can land and how often. In reality that low side kick won't stop most people even if you can kick hard and you miss with the finger jabs they are wasted shots just giving your opponent chance to do something. You miss the eye with finger jab it will have little effect hitting the cheek or forehead and it is very hard to hit the eye with a moving attacker, you throw a punch it can do damage anywhere it lands! - nose,throat,eyes.........

A catchphrase of Tommy Carruthers seems to be 'they just don't understand Jeet Kune Do' or 'they just don't understand street reality', it seems to be more a case of he has limited knowledge of other arts and doesn't understand them that well. Many people with far more experience than him in different arts, that have been in kill or be killed conflict and in war situations, advocate things he doesn't or claims there is no point doing. He is correct though saying never intentionally go to the ground in a real fight and avoid it as much as possible, if you do go there try get to your feet as quick as possible.

MMA people are used to taking punishment, and fighting under pressure, sure it is a sport with rules but they won't be like some martial artists and get a shock on the street when someone lands a hard shot. They also pressure test with sparring and fights in competitions against an opponent, so their timing will be sharper and awareness of what they can actually pull off in a live situation more acute. MMA isn't the ultimate best thing out there for the street but it is a great base, if you add in training against multiple attackers, using weapons, using foul tactics biting, pulling hair..... then the MMA person is a force to be reckoned with! Look up people such as Bas Rutten on Youtube, he teaches self defence against multiple attackers, in confined spaces, against weapons.... but his base is MMA.

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