Realistic Training - Fabian

January 10 2016 at 3:16 AM
Davey   (no login)

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Anyone that has done martial arts extensively can see Jackie Chan or Tommy Carruthers aren't great fighters nor is what they do the most practical for real self defence. Those not experienced and trained in martial arts extensively may think Jackie Chan or Jean Claude Van Damme are amongst the deadliest men on earth, those thinking Tommy Carruthers is great or would be a lethal weapon in reality situations usually fall into the latter camp.

He doesn't advocate all out sparring much, Bruce Lee did and all modern MMA people advocate it strongly. Tommy favors 'dry land swimming' drills, what he considers realistic training is little different than 1 or 2 step sparring in Karate or Tae Kwon Do. Show me one video of Tommy Carruthers sparring all out full contact against an opponent really trying to hit him? No such videos exist. Show me a video with any of his students sparring all out full contact and actually applying the stuff he taught them? Back and forth drills all the time - ok you attack with these punches and I'll counter with low side kick then finger jabs with both hands, is 'dry land swimming' and can unfortunately give people a false sense of security they can apply that stuff for real.

Tommy Carruthers hasn't had extensive training in multiple martial arts, which is why he criticises things he doesn't fully comprehend. In Jeet Kune Do his knowledge appears quite limited compared to people like Dan Inosanto, Tim Tackett....... Things such as the full Chinatown syllabus including the trapping, who did Tommy Carruthers learn that from? Jesse Glover was from earlier period, Ted Wong didn't know all the Chinatown syllabus and Bruce Lee had almost discarded trapping when he started teaching Ted Wong, he was only with Tim Tackett for brief time........... The Chinatown full syllabus including the trapping, chi sao covers a lot of material. Training in many martial arts like Dan Inosanto, Paul Vunak, Ron Balicki..... means you understand their strengths and weaknesses, Tommy Carruthers often puts down techniques in arts he has never really trained in. Go watch Jackie Chan in 'Wheels On Meals' (fighting Benny Urquidez) he moves better and is certainly more athletic than Tommy Carruthers, if you think he is a deadly killing machine or one of the toughest guys around then you'd be thinking things that Jackie himself has never claimed.

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