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January 12 2016 at 2:16 AM
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Direct us to a video of Tommy Carruthers sparring all out, nothing pre arranged full contact? How many times has he had you sparring all out full contact nothing prearranged with different people? If you are going to claim he does realistic drills, & doesn't emphasise all out sparring much or at all then Bruce Lee obviously did!

Just because people like Tommy Carruthers are more technicians than fighters, doesn't mean they are not good teachers. Even people like Dan Inosanto that was with Bruce Lee longer than anyone has said Tim Tackett knows all there is to know about Jeet Kune Do. As asked earlier tell us specifically who Tommy Carruthers learned the full Chinatown syllabus from? Wasn't Jesse Glover or Ted Wong they didn't know it, wasn't Tim Tackett because he was only with him very briefly, so who did he learn it all from?

You keep stating you've no idea what he teaches, actually people have. It is widely known he does not place much emphasis in sparring, he has even said it himself in interviews. Many techniques he is poor at executing he doesn't place much emphasis on such as Straight Blast, he cannot hit hard with it. His students/Instructors never look any good from clips you see and it appears none are known in the martial arts world outside his organisaion. Going back and forth with you attack like this I'll counter with side kick and finger jabs,etc even with protective gear on and making contact is 'dry land swimming'.That concept of reality training isn't much different than 1 or 2 step sparring from Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

His ideas he mentions in video posted about MMA about going to the ground, avoid the ground at all costs in a real fight but be ready for it if you get there, claiming you can just bite,eye gouge,punch if taken to the ground and jump to your feet is unrealistic! How many world class grapplers do you think Tommy Carruthers has trained with? Or even any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt has he been on the ground with one to try his eye gouge, bite strike get to feet strategy? No rules you can be put in positions very fast were you cannot strike at all or do much damage. Has Tommy Carruthers tried his ideas of staying on the feet against a world class grappler or BJJ champion? As he favours 'dry land swimming' drills assume he has not but if you say he has then name them. People like Ron Balicki, Paul Vunak, Burton Richardson, Erik Paulson have all trained with world class grapplers and someone like Erik is world class himself because they have been there and done it, they know fine well you can get taken down very fast and people are willing to take a hit even in the eye to get you down and they know it isn't always easy to get up fast with anyone good. The way Tommy Carruthers moves he would obviously get taken down very easily by anyone good. Go to your local MMA gym ask to spar all out with them and see how much your 'dry land swimming' drills helped you, and if you want to say they would not allow no rules for you to use your lethal Jeet Kune Do techniques, actually many would be fine with it but you would be strongly advised not to ask for that.

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