Training in Jeet Kune Do

January 14 2016 at 11:39 AM
Davey  (no login)

Response to Bruce Lee Lives! Tribute forum


Not sure why someone posted a video on here with Tommy Carruthers talking about MMA but anyway.

Tommy Carruthers, Carter Hargrave, Emil Martirossian, Tim Tackett............ those sort of individuals aren't fighters, they don't look like people that could really apply the art on the street, and you don't have to be able to do so to be a good teacher. Someone like Tim Tackett is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world even Dan Inosanto has said that. If you train with these sort of people then back up what you do with other arts or if you don't have time to do that at least go to reality based seminars or workshops from leading specialists in self defence. People that train with him view what Tommy Carruthers as realistic and practical for the street but that sort of 'dryland swimming' isn't enough, some people that train just in Aikido or traditional Wing Chun view it as all they need but it isn't. If you do traditional Wing Chun, Aikido, Tommy Carruther's version of Jeet Kune Do, etc back yourself up with other arts or at least go train with others to see the limitations of it - a MMA person would have no problem dealing with anyone only practicing one art.

Paul Vunak, Ron Balicki, Erik Paulson, Burton Richardson....... these people are fighters and can apply it. Erik Paulson has competed in MMA and is a renowned trainer. If you are training with these sorts of people you probably don't need to train in anything else.

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