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The traditional Wing Chun people that do lots of nice drills claim they are realistic too because they put on pads and make contact. Direct us to a video of Tommy Carruthers sparring all out no rules full contact with anyone? Or any student of his sparring all out full contact that looks good doing it? Such videos don't exist. Or even a video of Tommy Carruthers doing anything against somebody really trying to attack not standing around waiting to be hit or throwing very lame attacks like you see in demonstration at Bruce Lee Birthday Celebration in 2010. It is not a case of this person is better than that person, Tommy Carruthers, Emil Martirossian, Carter Hargrave, George Dillman ...... some of the stuff they are teaching might be their idea of reality but it is not seen as such or practical to many others. If you weren't a student of Tommy Carruthers and looked at videos of him and students, you'd conclude the same as you would for Emil Martirossian, Carter Hargrave, George Dillman - look up videos of them if you've not seen them.

The students of Tommy Carruthers you see in videos look a poor standard, not very fast, lots of kicks to shin and finger jabs and many look downright clumsy, none are renowned in the martial arts community.Everyone likes to claim they are training realistic and preparing people for the street but some of the stuff you see presented as realistic defences or training is ridiculous. As for 'get your facts straight' - look up videos on Youtube of Carter Hargrave and Emil Martirossian they believe that to be reality based and their students think the same, Tommy Carruthers believes what he does is reality based and only for the street and his students like you think the same. Go try such stuff in all out full contact sparring then see how much you can apply, very different from nice drills (you attack with this, then I'll use side kick backfist fingerjab we'll put on gear and make contact type stuff).

Regarding Tommy Carruthers working as a bouncer, I don't question that he did or that he faced some encounters during that period, it would be rare for any bouncer to have done it for years and not had to deal with trouble. Go compare his experience to that of some people whose idea of reality based training is radically different than from what he teaches, those who have worked in very dangerous countries where guns are common and murder rates very high, been in actual war conflict, or had to deal directly with terrorism. Trying Tommy Carruthers version of Jeet Kune Do, Emil Martirossian's version of Jeet Kune Do, George Dillman's Pressure Points, Carter Hargrave's Jeet Kune Do..... you are going to be in for a very rude awakening trying that against a good street fighter or good MMA fighter, also in situations like terrorism plane hijacking, suicide bombers, multiple armed terrorists, hostage situations...... you will likely not have a clue how to deal with such situations. If you practice Tommy Carruthers Jeet Kune Do, Emil's Jeet Kune Do, Dillman's Pressure Points, Carter Hargrave Jeet Kune Do any of these things then please go train with reality based people that are very experienced as well, also go to MMA class and spar to see how limited the stuff is you do.

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