Wall Is A B.S. Artist

January 18 2016 at 3:45 PM
Philip Callahan  (no login)

Response to Re: Nick Clarke - Bill Wallace


It's important to note that Wall called Bill Wallace a "terrible human being" AFTER the Wallace article on Lee was published. By my count, this is the 4th public reference that Wall has made to Lee being a non-fighter.

- Kung Fu Masters/Stars magazine

- Goldman article in Penthouse

- Wallace article

- Talking smack about Lee to Joe Lewis in a video that has been pulled from Youtube

Wall's claim that Lee had no sense of distance and timing is absurd. With the POSSIBLE exception of Jim Harrison, Bruce Lee engaged in more street fights than any point fighter from the 1960's. Bruce also sparred with Wall's Sifu (e.g., Chuck Norris) several times at his home in Culver City, yet nary a word about this FACT has ever been uttered by Wall. In addition, Wall was present when Bruce destroyed an extra on the set of Enter the Dragon. It would appear that during that encounter, Lee's sense of distance and timing was spot on.

Let's talk turkey, Wall was a follower whereas Bruce was an innovator. Wall copied the stance and fighting style of his first Sifu, Joe Lewis. Wall then adopted Chuck Norris' system and he has never looked back. Bruce Lee, on the other hand, created his own system. One of the main concepts of JKD is to find your own truth and not copy your teacher.

I'll go with the opinion of a legitimate tough guy like Bob Bremer over Wall's ever-changing opinions in a NY minute. Bob stated that the last guy he would face in a street fight was Bruce Lee. Strong stuff coming from someone who trained with the legendary Bert Poe. As the late, great Ed Parker once said, "Bruce was one in a million."

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