Tommy Carruthers / George Dillman / Carter Hargrave

January 19 2016 at 8:38 PM
Davey   (no login)

Response to Re:Tommy Carruthers: “MMA is a sports, JKD is not!”


Did the eye pokes stop him? Travis was trying to punch or use hand to keep him at distance not intentionally poke him in the eyes. If you try things like low side kick then finger jab and your low side kick doesn't stop him and your finger jab misses or doesn't stop them, that person could be so dangerous you just blew your only chance of stopping them or keeping them away from you.

George Dillman, Tommy Carruthers, Carter Hargrave...... if you must do what they teach, then please go learn MMA and also go to seminars with top reality self defence specialists. Before you get into a real fight or are trying to protect loved ones and realize all too late that stuff is not very practical!

1) Here is 'dryland swimming' from Tommy Carruthers. Note how there is no footage around of him actually sparring all out against a resisting opponent, and he has never done that in demonstrations. Note also the person attacking him in the demo is using lame attacks and not even trying, whilst Tommy is directing him what to do next. Note also how he stands and moves, and how very easily a skilled grappler wrestler or BJJ fighter would get him on the ground :

2) Here is 'dryland swimming' from George Dillman. Note the no touch distance knockouts lol. Note his response to why the sceptic was not KO'd. Yet people really believe they can KO people easily with this stuff - why not enter UFC KO everyone including doing it without even touching them and earn lots of money?

3) Here is 'dryland swimming' from Carter Hargrave. First knife defence, as usual the attacker just sticks his arm out and allows him to do anything. Note also how Cater looks down whilst attacking, he would miss a headbutt from attacker or if multiple attackers looking down he would not see them coming :

4) Carter Hargrave again this time unarmed. Look close at how he moves and the techniques! :

Carter Hargrave is regarded by some as having sharper technique and being technically better than people like Tommy Carruhers but for sure Tommy Carruthers is faster.

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