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Nora Miao on Bruce Lee (1973)

January 20 2016 at 10:29 AM
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Response to Nora Miao on Bruce Lee (1972)

(Note: This is an article of Nora Miao on Bruce Lee right after Bruce passed away in 20th July 1973)

Bruce’s confidant – Nora Miao analysed Bruce’s personality (Issue 185 of GH Milky Way/Galaxy Pictorial Magazine)

Nora admitted while Bruce was alive, he told her many times, “I feel lonely because I sense that there are very few sincere friends in this world.”

After the shooting of WOTD began, Bruce had become fretful, the level of his complain was also shocking.

Nora said, “No matter what other people said about his death, I feel that his fame came too fast and that might had caused him to suffer much pain, and even to the extent of causing his death.”

Nora also thinks that Bruce’s obsessed with the mighty power of drug may be the reason that leads to his death. She said Bruce always complimented that vitamins are good supplements for health. Whether it was at the studio, in the office or at the restaurant, he would take his vitamin pills upon his meal.
Nora used to make fun of him, “Bruce, why are there vitamin pills all over you?”
Bruce would tirelessly explain to her like, this is the latest invention in Vitamin B, that is what kind of Vitamin and its new creations etc. He swallowed the pills after his explanation, and would then looked quite satisfied.

Nora said the time when Bruce vented his temper was during the shooting of WOTD. There was a scene near Nora’s character’s bedroom where there were strings of bead curtains (props). That scene had taken over a dozen times of NGs without succeed. Bruce became furious and his angry expression was like the one in FOF, he suddenly yelled and punched the backdrop vehemently. The entire backdrop swayed and the beads all dropped and fell to the floor. All the crew on the set were almost scared to death and many of their bodies shivered.

Nora asked Bruce why he had blown such a big temper. Bruce then put his hands on his heads and said apologetically, “I’m not angry with you guys but I’m blaming myself for not able to direct it right and having so many NGs. Nora sighed and thought, “Becoming famous too fast had caused Bruce’s mental to be over-burdened and this seems to be a deadly blow.”

Bruce who was in the torment of loneliness, asked Nora why did he lacked of true friends, Nora replied, “Your fame is too huge, standing next to you, others would say the person is licking your boots. If rebut with you, I’m afraid with your current status, you’d hardly accept it. So, who dares to go near you?”

Nora said Bruce had tried to control himself and telling himself that he was a human being and not a god. However, he was after all, a man, the pressure of his fame and honor was too great. He was not able to endure anymore. His mood was unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable. His mental condition was deteriorating and he was caught in the world of loneliness.

Bruce asked Nora, “Why others are not able to understand me?” “Why am I so lonely?” Nora replied, “Doesn’t Linda understand you?” Bruce said, “Yes, except her, nobody understands me!” Nora asked, “Even Raymond Chow doesn’t understand you?” Bruce said, “What’s the point that Raymond understands me but he was busy every minute and second.” He just felt desolated inside his heart.

Regarding Bruce’s death, Nora feels an infinite regrets. She said, “While Bruce was alive, he tried to look for me to go “Yum Cha” (drink tea), but I was busy with my new boutique shop and declined his offers. If I’d known that he would die, I’d definitely attend his dates. Now, I could only say my regrets and sorry to him!”

When asked about her thought on Bruce’s death, this lady whom Bruce looked upon as his close confidant, said, “The fall of this big star is a huge loss to the movie industry. He was the first person who made Hollywood sit up and take notice of the Mandarin films and the Chinese stars. From the personal point of view, he was a straightforward and loving person. The loss of him, at least, makes me feel a part of me is gone. He would be greatly missed by all of us.”

When asked what she thinks about Bruce fainting in Betty Ting’s house makes people feel an ‘incomplete image’ of him, Nora said, “When a person goes into comma, it can happen at any place and when a person dies, it too, can happen anywhere. So, where he fainted or died, it really doesn’t matter. After all, he has died and as a matter of fact, his death is a great loss to the movie industry and the martial arts world.”

When asked whether she pities Betty Ting, Nora said, “But I pity Linda even more because she fully understood Bruce, she was the only consolation of Bruce’s lonely soul. Bruce died and Linda is very pitiful, she is a virtuous wife and a loving mother.” Talking to this point, Nora weeps. After the interview, it makes us feel that Nora is a considerate, generous and elegant lady with a great insight.

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