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Nora Miao’s Interview (2012)

January 20 2016 at 10:38 AM
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Response to Nora Miao on Bruce Lee (1973)

Nora Miao flew to Singapore and Malaysia recently (Nov-Dec 2015) to make a Mandarin movie over there. But she does not want to talk much about Bruce and her pasts. She enjoyed her life now, so, the last interview where she talked much about Bruce was 3 years ago. In 2012, Nora Miao was interviewed by Wang Man-Ling in “The Star Reception Room,” a cable entertainment news programs. Nora Miao talked about Bruce Lee in this rare interview.
Below are excerpts from that interview:

Q1: “How did you get to know Bruce?”
NM: “My mother and Bruce’s mother were old friends, so we knew each other since young. However, the first time when I actually saw Bruce was in Pak Chong, Thailand when we were filming The Big Boss and I was a guest star.”

Q2: “How many movies did you make with Bruce?”
NM: “I was in 3 of his films ‘The Big Boss,’ ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Way of The Dragon.’ I was supposed to be in his last film “Game of Death” but he passed away in the midst of filming. I’ve been associated with Bruce ever since. It's a connection that will never be separated from me. I don't know if it's good or bad, but it's part of my history that can't be changed.”

Q3: “Was the gossip about you and Bruce being‘together’true?”
NM: “Bruce and I were filming WOTD in Rome for a week or so and there was gossip about us in romance. To tell the truth, it wasn't. I remembered there was an Italian producer who kept pestering me and staring at me with a lewd look, I was scared and told Bruce about it. Later, Bruce purposely held my hand and put his arm across my shoulder while having our meals so as to make that producer quit his harassment. Maybe because of this, there were gossips in the newspaper about Bruce and I. However, we were both very frank and straightforward persons, and we did not try to avoid anything or to keep a distance from each other after that.”

Q4: “How did Bruce treat you? Were you very good friends?”
NM: “We made movies at different places later on and contacted lesser. But once, when I was filming in Taiwan, my second elder brother was hospitalized and I couldn’t return to HK. Bruce knew about it and without saying anything, he just went to visit my brother and then called to tell me he was alright so as to relieve my worries. Bruce was really nice to me, we were indeed very good friends but I’ve not reached the state of his ‘confidante’ as there weren’t many opportunities for me to really understand him.”

Q5: “On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee suddenly passed away at actress, Betty Ting’s home. You were very familiar with Bruce, so, how do you feel when you heard about his death?”
NM: “Like everyone else, it was almost unbelievable. A pressman called and informed me about his death. I said he was crazy and hang up the phone. I did not believe it. Then, I called Bruce’s house and it was Raymond Chow who picked up the phone. I told him I received a phone call about Bruce’s death and asked him whether it was true. He said ‘yes.’ His death was a great loss to the HK movie industry and to the world. I was saddened by his death for he’s like a family member to me. I really missed him though sometimes he was quite ‘naggy’ as he would repeatedly tell me what I should do when I was young and should prepare myself for the future etc. He had a lot of life theories and philosophies to share with. I didn’t treasure and when he’s gone now..., I started to appreciate what he said. He really meant good. I just wished he was around...”

Q6: “When Bruce died, were you at the funeral parlor?”
NM: “I was there. I event went to the morgue to see his body. I caressed his head and it seemed like a very natural thing to do. It was also a final touch on him.”

Q7: “Did anyone invite you to participate in Bruce’s commemorating activities?”
NM: “Till today, there’re people calling me to talk about Bruce. The fans still missed him very much. On one occasion, the Japanese fans invited me over and I saw a huge crowd that filled the entire hall.”

Q8: “Did you spend a lot of time in romance?”
NM: “I didn’t stop filming (working) because of romancing or because of filming and stop romancing. I didn’t seek anyone’s permission to do my things. I just worked when there’s work and played when there’s something to play. The reporters were good to me. They didn’t say anything bad about me.”

Q9: “Do you think you are happy with your life?”
NM: “Previously, I always planned but without succeed. The more I plan, the more I fail. Thus, I look forward to ‘instant moment’ and take things easy and casual now.”

Q10: “Is it the same in your love life?”
NM: “I never plan. Until now, I’m still single. Why enjoy love and not getting married? Because I think I’m not a qualified housewife. I do not know how to take care of people. I think I’m quite traditional, so, when I do marry, I’d focus on my family and would not divorce. I set this target but I couldn’t do it, that’s why I’m still single today. Haha...”

Bruce Lee & Nora Miao’s photos:

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